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Need help finding old property

Karen West Sanchez Karen West Sanchez

posted on February 3, 2012

I have the deed/allotment information (ie: legal description) on the property I’m looking for, but need help to decipher where exactly the property is located. The information is from the Choctaw-Chickasaw Deeds and Allottments book from 1910 by E. Hastain. This legal description does not match the township/range criteria at the Haskell County clerks office. If someone knows how to read this, I’d be most grateful. The property is located in Whitefield, OK and was the Surratt property in the 1880’s-1890’s.
Thank you,

suzanne hamlet shatto suzanne hamlet shatto

posted on February 4, 2012

you didn’t give the property description. so i can only advise you generally.
i am assuming your description is something like this:
The proper method of constructing a description of a parcel of rural land for a deed, easement or other legal document varies. However, it is important that basic principles be consistent no matter whether the land description is constructed longhand or in the commonly accepted shorthand method. It is important that there be no commas in the description; it should read as a continuous string and the primary words should be capitalized. A correct longhand description reads as follows: The Southeast Quarter of Section 31 Township-125-North Range-87-West of the Fifth Principal Meridian. The same description in shorthand looks like this: SE¼ of Sec. 31 T125N R87W of the 5th P.M. or, still shorter, like this: SE¼ 31 T125N R87W. An improperly constructed land description might look like this: The south east quarter, of section 31, township 125 North, range 87 west, of the fifth principal meridian. Or: se ¼, of sec. 31, t 125 N, r 87 w, of the 5th pm.

did you call the haskell county clerk’s office? they should be able to advise you. they may even have maps of the county that they might sell for a nominal price.