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The Acolapissa Indians on the Pearl River in Southern Louisiana

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posted on January 17, 2012

For my entire life I have heard the older white generation of my area speak of the indians that once lived on the Pearl River. As an adult I have been led to study the Acolapissa.
Not much is known of the Acolapissa prior to them moving to the Bayou Castine area in the early 1700s. Pennicaut notes they moved to Bayou Castine from the Pearl River. The map of La Salles he shows a village of the Quinapissa. Can this village be accounted for in todays world? Has anyone ever found the village of the Quinapissa that La Salle noted? Is there a village that could be in the Lower Pearl River area where it is the border between LA and MS? Hobolo was a chief for the Indians in this general area according to accounts of men and women passed on. What was Hobolo’s village? What geographic range called Hobolo Chief?