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Thomas Underwood son of Harriet Gardner and Thomas Underwood

Carolyn Henry Lockwood Carolyn Henry Lockwood

posted on October 27, 2011

My grandfather, Thomas Jefferson Underwood b. 1/10/1881, Indian Territory, Ok, son of Harriet Gardner b. abt 1861,IT, Ok and Thomas Underwood. Choctaw Census Card #125, roll #262. He is shown on census card with his half brother Alex Davis. His Mother, Harriet died during childbirth when Thomas was born. He was taken in and raised by George Gray and his wife, Lavinia Gardner Gray. On Thomas’ census card it states that his parents are both dead. Thomas is a choctaw living in chickasaw nation. It is my belief that father Thomas Underwood is actually still living and is full blood chickasaw,b. abt. 1856 roll # 2646. I know that the chickasaw Thomas had a son Humphrey Underwood b. abt 1877. Chickasaw Thomas was married to Susie Brown and Harriet Gardner was married to John Davis at about the same time. I am trying to find a marriage record for Thomas Underwood and Harriet Gardner Davis. I am also trying to locate more information on Harriet lineage. I believe that Lavinia Gardner Gray who took in Thomas after Harriet death to be her sister. Lavinia’ father George Gardner b. after 1830 in Mississippi d. prior to 1875 in IT, Ok. I cannot find any concrete proof that Harriet is the daughter of George & Phoebe Gardner but was able to find a payroll where Zach Gardner had signed for my grandfather Thomas’ check and wrote in the column beside his name that Thomas was the orphan son of Harriet Gardner Underwood. Any help that anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.