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TLFulton TLFulton

posted on February 23, 2011 and updated on February 23, 2011

My great grandfather was Jeff Fulton born in 1854 married in 1890 and died on 9 October 1909. He married Susan Hayes who was born in 1865 and died in1941.From a family photo the picture in the calender of the lighthorsemen on the far left resembles a picture of my greatgrandfather. Would anyone have rolls of Lighthorsemen who served? Would anyone have information about the picture in the July 2011 calender? Is there information about Jeff Fulton within this organization? Gossip in the family was Jeff Fulton was a peaceofficer in some capacity sheriff or deputy.

suzanne hamlet shatto suzanne hamlet shatto

posted on February 23, 2011

you might find this collection interesting:

45 A resolution for the relief of Light Horsemen of the Choctaw Nation. Passed and approved November 5, 1884.
as an example.
search for “light”
there is also mention of jeff fulton in those papers as a school trustee.

page 254, volume 26 of the oklahoma chronicles has a reference to the lighthorsemen. you can probably get access to it through interlibrary loan. see your local public library for that.
many of the oklahoma chronicles can be accessed through the search and the volumes/pages.

several instances of jeff fulton’s name appear here, but not with the horsemen.
the choctaw tribe might have more information too. i don’t think they read the messageboard, so you would have to contact them directly.

bear in mind that they were a force for many years, so you might have to narrow down the possible years he served.

picture of 1893 choctaw lighthorsemen in this book, page 115
The Choctaws in Oklahoma: From Tribe to Nation, 1855-1970
By Clara Sue Kidwell
you can see it through google books.

and the oklahoma historical society might also be a good resource for you.

suzanne hamlet shatto

TLFulton TLFulton

posted on February 24, 2011

I noticed you must be a specialist in research! I appreciate very much all of the information!

BFulton BFulton

posted on February 29, 2012

TLFulton please email me! or
I am doing research now about our family, I would love to ask you some questions about my Grandpa Jack:)