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Tammy Miller Tammy Miller

posted on July 9, 2010

Alfred Wade is my Greatx4 Grandfather and I am looking for more information. I know Alfred Wade was once the Governor of the Choctaw Nation and that his father was a Choctaw Captain-John Wade out of Mississippi. I am needing whatever info can be shared with me. Such as Alfred’s mother’s name and her family info. More info regarding John Wade’s date of birth, death date and his last know residence.

suzanne hamlet shatto suzanne hamlet shatto

posted on July 10, 2010

capt. john wade b. MS>alfred wade
genealogists use names, locations, children, and spouse to match records. often the childrens’ records point to the parents, fix the family to a location and date.
Alfred Wade was elected and sworn in as the first Governor of the Choctaw Nation in October, 1857, at Boggy Depot, for a term of two years. He was a student of Choctaw Academy. He was born in Mississippi and emigrated to this country, locating about six miles east of Talihina, Oklahoma, in what is now Leflore County. He was a son of John Wade and his brothers were Henry, Alex, Jerry, Ellis Cunningham and Kennedy.

Order of battle

Cooper’s Brigade – Col. Douglas Hancock Cooper

* o 6 companies, 1st Choctaw-Chickasaw Mounted Rifles – Maj. Mitchell Laflore o Detachment, Choctaw Battalion – Capt. Alfred Wade o Detachment, 1st Creek Regiment – Col. Daniel N. McIntosh o Detachment, Creek Indians – Capt. James M. C. Smith o 1st Cherokee Mounted Rifle Regiment – Col. John Drew o 4th Texas Cavalry Regiment – Col. William B. Sims o Detachment, 9th Texas Cavalry – Lt. Col. William Quayle o Whitfield’s Battalion – Capt. John W. Whitfield
several family members mentioned
English names listed on the1831 “list of claims allowed under the treaty in Mingo Mushulatubbee’s district”. These are "persons that have relinquished their land.

basically, you are looking for very early information. the department of war was keeping records 1800-1880. i didn’t find any historical references to this woman. further, this era only kept track of heads of household in census records even for caucasians. so there is also a cultural bias against recording about the females in the family. third, native languages were not written until the middle fo the 1800’s, so the natives have no records.

the reservations developed into sovereign nations which started keeping their own records. i think the best thing you could hope for is a reference to her in local history books, possibly a cemetary marker, maybe a mention in a local newspaper.

the tribe has an excellent information to help you. it is found under genealogy


i am just a volunteer that wants to empower people to learn how to do genealogy.

suzanne hamlet shatto

vickie coffey stokes vickie coffey stokes

posted on July 20, 2010

Wade Post office was established Oct.24,1890; Postmaster Felin LeFlore. Wade is located 24 miles S. E. of Durant, Oklahoma, the county seat of Bryan county, on Highway 70E. There are different versions of how Wade got its name. One, that it was named for Alfred Wade,a prominent Choctaw. He was born in 1809 and was Governor of the Choctaw nation from 1857 to 1858. Another version is from Mrs. Mary Land who said it was named after Lewis Land’s grandfather who was a prominent man in law enforcement, A Ranger.

According to 1902 Polk’s Indian Territory Gazetteer, Wade’s population was 100.

It had -Creech Bros.General store.

vickie coffey stokes vickie coffey stokes

posted on July 20, 2010

Hi tammy,
I found that article that I had posted earlier on footnote. Have you tryed, that will help you and if they are indian try footnote. WEll if i come across anything else i will post. Dont get discouraged.
Happy Hunting

Tammy Miller Tammy Miller

posted on July 29, 2010

Thank you, Vickie for the info. It will help me further my research on I have 1986 newspaper article regarding Alfred Wade and family from the Talihina paper but not but a sentence or two was given for Captain John Wade.

Keep me in mind if you come across anything new on the family Wade.

Tammy Miller Tammy Miller

posted on July 29, 2010

Thank you Suzanne for the Wade info.

suzanne hamlet shatto suzanne hamlet shatto

posted on July 29, 2010

the choctaw language became a written language in the middle of the 1800’s. so the choctaw had no records going back that farm. and the war department was keeping records in the 1800’s. the census records, rolls are on
see the left side of the page.

Alfred Wade

1857 – 1858

Sworn in as the first Governor of the Choctaw Nation in October, 1857, at Bogy depot, for a term of two years. Student of Choctaw Academy. Born in Mississippi and emigrated to LeFlore County. Alfred Wade was the son of John Wade. Brothers: Henry, Alex, Jerry, Ellis, Cunningham and Kennedy.

Dawes Card Information

tribe last first middle age sex blood card roll misc type
Choctaw Dukes Angeline 0 F 2209 P
Choctaw Dukes Eva 0 F 2209 P
Choctaw Dukes G W 0 M 2209 P
Choctaw Dukes Bud W 1 M 1/4 2209 6402 TALIHINA BB
Choctaw Dukes Le Roy 2 M 1/4 2209 6401 TALIHINA BB
Choctaw Dukes Henry 23 M 1/2 2209 6400 TALIHINA BB
Choctaw Dukes Maud 24 F IW 2209 IW1297 TALIHINA BB
Choctaw Maynor G W 0 M 2209 P
Choctaw Maynor L W 0 F 2209 P

Dawes Card Information

tribe last first middle age sex blood card roll misc type
Choctaw Dukes Angeline 0 F 2203 P
Choctaw Dukes Joseph 0 M 2203 P
Choctaw Dukes Nancy 0 F 2203 P
Choctaw Dukes D H 2 M 1/2 2203 6393 TALIHINA BB
Choctaw Dukes Leetta E 6 F 1/2 2203 6392 TALIHINA BB
Choctaw Dukes Minerva 9 F 1/2 2203 6391 TALIHINA BB
Choctaw Dukes Josephine 13 F 11/1 2203 6390 TALIHINA BB
Choctaw Dukes Edwin 18 M 11/1 2203 6389 TALIHINA BB
Choctaw Dukes Joseph A 26 M 11/1 2203 6388 TALIHINA BB
Choctaw Dukes Isabelle 45 F 1/2 2203 6387 TALIHINA BB
Choctaw Dukes Gilbert W 49 M 1/2 2203 6386 TALIHINA BB
Choctaw Nowahoke 0 F 2203 P
Choctaw Sexton Alfred 0 M 2203 P
Choctaw Sexton Charles 17 M 5/8 2203 6394 TALIHINA BB
Choctaw Woods Horace 0 M 2203 P

maybe check at the choctaw academy records?

NARA/national archives and record administration probably has custody of those records.
they might be in the southeast office. that would be my guess.

look for this too:
Kentucky Stories By Byron Crawford
page 180-184
probably accessible through interlibrary loan. see your local library for that.

will of alfred wade
28. Will of Alfred Wade of the Choctaw Nation, August 18, 1877.
try interlibrary loan for access.

another collection and possible source of information

a link to a worldconnect record on rootsweb
you should contact the person who posted this family tree.

i wonder if there’s any information in this dawes record:
Dawes Card Information

tribe last first middle age sex blood card roll misc type
Choctaw Wade Della E 1 F 1/2 2070 5958 TALIHINA BB
Choctaw Wade Nellie May 1 F 1/2 2070 5959 TALIHINA BB
Choctaw Wade Malcolm D 3 M 1/2 2070 5957 TALIHINA BB
Choctaw Wade Nathaniel D 5 M 1/2 2070 5956 TALIHINA BB
Choctaw Wade Ivan S 9 M 1/2 2070 5955 TALIHINA BB
Choctaw Wade Ira R 11 M 1/2 2070 5954 TALIHINA BB
Choctaw Wade Martha F 30 F IW 2070 IW18 TALIHINA BB
Choctaw Wade Cyrus B 46 M FULL 2070 5953 TALIHINA BB

Armstrong Roll Results Search For Your Ancestors:


The location of Reservations under The Choctaw Treaty of the 27th of September, 1830. Communicated To The Senate April 11, 1834. The three districts surveyed are Nitachacha, Mushulatubbe and Laflore .

Each Choctaw head of a family being desirous to remain and become a citizen of the States, shall be permitted to do so, by signifying his intention to the Agent within six months from the ratification of this Treaty, and he or she shall thereupon be entitled to a reservation1 of one section of six hundred and forty acres of land, to be bounded by sectional lines of survey; in like manner shall be entitled to one half that quantity for each unmarried child which is living with him over ten years of age; and a quarter section to such child as may be under 10 years of age, to adjoin the location of the parent. If they reside upon said lands intending to become citizens of the States for five years after the ratification of this Treaty, in that case a grant in fee simple shall issue; said reservation shall include the present improvement of the head of the family, or a portion of it. Persons who claim under this article shall not lose the privilege of a Choctaw citizen, but if they ever remove are not to be entitled to any portion of the Choctaw annuity.

Additional information:

•Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek
•Letters and Correspondence Concerning the Armstrong Roll •Understanding the Armstrong Roll Back to: Armstrong Roll Search Armstrong Roll Results
Name of Indian Acres Cultivated Family Size Malers Over 16 Males and Females Under 16 Locality Total Acres Remarks District
Capt. John Wade 30 12 6 5 Old Robinson road, ½ mile from Laploon’s line. 800 Poor land Laflore
Capt. John Wade 30 12 6 5 800 Poor land Mushulatubbe
Capt. Win. Wade, (Indian) 13 15 4 5 Oxnoxoby, adjoins the prairie 160 Land tolerable. Laflore
Capt. Win. Wade, (Indian) 13 15 4 5 160 Land tolerable. Mushulatubbe

Dan Bernier Dan Bernier

posted on September 8, 2010


My ggg grandfather was Capt John Wade’s brother Capt.William Wade who was also a signer of the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek and I have been looking for information about him and his brothers family for quite a while so if you discover anything I would be very interested. I can provide you with the info I have now and will send you what I find.

Thanks to the GREAT INFO here on sources I will be by busy for a while researching. Thank you Suzanne and Vickie.

Andre Witwer Andre Witwer

posted on October 17, 2010

Tammy, I will attach 2 file that will clear up some things about John Wade. A lot of this info came from the emigration records for the Choctaws.


Andre Witwer Andre Witwer

posted on October 17, 2010

This is my 2nd file


Tammy Miller Tammy Miller

posted on October 29, 2010


Thank you for the info! This will be very useful in filling the blanks in the Capt John Wade tree branch.

kelby johnson kelby johnson

posted on July 11, 2011

Tammy, I was just curious if you know where Alfred Wade is buried? I ask this because my grandparents own some land and on the back of it is a old cemetery that’s all grown up and he and is wife are buried there.

Lois Evans Lois Evans

posted on August 28, 2011

Andre, I too am researching the John Wade family. Back in October of last year you posted two files regarding this family. Now they won’t let me open them. Would it be possible for you to post them again. One was John Wade Trail of Tears and the other was John Wade Geneology. Thank you for any help you can give me.

Carol Wade Miernyk Carol Wade Miernyk

posted on December 15, 2011

Tammy, my name is Carol Wade Miernyk, daughter of Gilbert E. Wade. Alfred Wade was my Great Grandfather. I would love to have some discussions with you. Please feel free to e-mail me.

Carol Wade Miernyk Carol Wade Miernyk

posted on December 15, 2011

My father, Gilbert, was the youngest child of Cyrus Byington and Martha. He used his dad’s roll number because #’s were not being used anymore. Born in Talihina, Oklahoma – Wadesville, in 1910. His brothers and sisters were Della, Nellie, Delos (Malcolm), Dennis (Nathaniel), Ivan, and Ira. None of this generation is still alive but many of their children are, some still living in Oklahoma.

andre witwer andre witwer

posted on February 18, 2012

I will attach the info on John Wade again


andre witwer andre witwer

posted on February 18, 2012

Tere is 1 More page, I will attach


andre witwer andre witwer

posted on February 18, 2012 and updated on February 18, 2012

I know there are people that often times look for Cunningham Wade & Henry Wade sons of Capt. John Wade.

Both are buried at Cameron, Le Flore Co, Ok in the Greenhill Cemetery.

Henry was born about 1814 and died Jan1878

Cunningham was born about 1813 and died Nov 21, 1872

This info is on, there is pictures of there Tombstones there.

Hop this info is helpful to someone

Linda Wade Linda Wade

posted on May 30, 2013

John was our end point as well for most information. We were told that he stayed in Mississippi and did not come to Oklahoma.

My grandfather was Delos Wade, Talihina.
Alfred Wade is buried on the old Wade cemetery homestead. Wadesville Cemetery, WADE COUNTY, INDIAN TERRITORY,, Oklahoma
I haven’t been there but my aunt told me that it’s a hike through unkept fields to get to that graveyard now. Alfred had a couple of wives. Hopefully this link will work for Alfred’s farewell speech

and a story I came across
While I am unable to verify this, it is highly likely that the “Judge Wade” in this story was Alfred. He would have been of the age to hold this position and Lenox was his residence. excerpt from:The 1st Choctaw Missions 1818-1822 By Cyrus Kingsbury: “Lenox is a lovely spot, nestled down among the Kiamisha Mountains. Long before we came in sight of it we met Mr. Edwards waiting and watching for the dear wife and little son and daughter who were with us and rejoined him there. He took refuge at Lenox in his ………… Just before reaching Lenox we called at the house of Judge Wade, a noble, brave looking man, concerning whom Mr. Ainslie told me the following pleasing incident. Some time prior to 1850 two United States officers on their way from Fort Smith to Fort Towson, overtaken by night, stopped at an Indian house and asked for lodgings. This was readily granted them. Shortly afterward, Judge Wade, the owner of the house, came in. He had been hunting and his arms and appearance created emotions of fear in the officers who knew nothing of the character of the man. After supper when shown into the adjoining room as their sleeping room, they carefully placed their pistols under their pillows and through the open door watched their host. He threw some pine fagots on the fire, took down his Choctaw hymn book and Bible, and with his household sang a hymn, read a chapter and prayed. The officers, though skeptics in religion, now were forced to pay tribute to the power of religion and felt ashamed of their fears. They stealthily slipped their pistols back into their knapsacks and slept as serenely as if in their own fathers’ house.”

Frank Wade Frank Wade

posted on August 30, 2013

I would like to hear more on Uncle Gib (Gilbert) and Delos. My Dad used to tell me stories when I was little but I unfortunately was too young to write them down and the history has been lost. Any information would be appreciated. My grandfather was Ivan Sylvester but I did not get to meet him and I am the only child of my Father Frank Edward Wade.