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Leo Pergson Leo Pergson

posted on August 3, 2014

I came across this/and thought Josie/Josephine/ Robert E Stark/ Age are close/Might help you- and more than likely-not-but take a look- Mississippi Choctaw were listed on separate Mar 10, 1899 McKennon Rolls-of which 880 were "Full Bloods/ The McKennon Rolls were Discontinued on Mar 1, 1907- after that the Choctaw Tribe Okla/ used the roll to enroll/ Anyways/take a look/We know they were there at that time/ in 1900- Sorry I cant give you more/ lot of genealogy there to research/

Native American Data for Josephine Stark
Name: Stark, Josephine
Tribe: Choctaw
Record Type: enrollment
Sex: F
Enrollment Type: P (Parent)
Card No.: 3639

Credit belongs to the staff of SW National Archives, Fort Worth, Texas, who compiled the names from the Dawes Enrollment Cards for its National Archives

Others with this Family:
First Name
Blood %

Slover P (Parent) M
Slover Lizzie P (Parent) F
Stark Josephine P (Parent) F
Starks Felicity P (Parent) F
Starks Thomas P (Parent) M
Stout Nettie P (Parent) F
Starks Thomas BB (By Blood) M 27 1/4
Starks Josephine BB (By Blood) F 25 IW
Starks Lillie BB (By Blood) F 2 1/8
Starks Robert Ernest BB (By Blood) M 1 1/8