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MCR-14th Article Choctaw Nation CDIB "Application" Having No Bearing Whatsoever on "So-Called" Dawes Commission 14th Article Claimants Choctaw Council, in the Distribution' to the individual Claimants Being a Choctaw Nation Tribal Matter Assigned Liabili

Leo Pergson Leo Pergson

posted on February 25, 2014 and updated on March 1, 2014

HAlito- HAKLO ANUMPA- Hello-

No- Choctaw Nation CDIB Application" with an MCR-Attached to
a Roll Number-

If you are a “Proven” MCR-14th Article Claimants- only interested
in a Choctaw Nation CDIB Card- and do not’ understand or interested
in the 14th Article 1830 Treaty- and the MCR-14th Article Claimants-
Difference De Novo- Between the Privileges of a Choctaw Citizen and
Choctaw Tribal Enrollment between the Oklahoma Choctaw and
Mississippi Choctaw you will never find any resolution between
Choctaw Enrollment by Citizenship"

Article 14 was somewhat palatable to the Choctaw because it appeared
to provide a way for Indians to remain in Mississippi if they wished,
without pressure to leave, and the commissioners liked the stipulation
that Choctaw who remained in Mississippi would be yielding to state
law as citizens of Mississippi. Obviously, Eaton and Coffee did not
think that many Choctaw would want to stay, so they did not view this
option as significant. They were wrong. Hundreds of Choctaw wanted
to stay and register for land allotments; and an even larger number of
Choctaw wanted to remain in Mississippi but were unable to register
for land because of Agent Ward’s carelessness. The remaining additions
to the treaty, articles 15 through 22, granted special land allowances to
chiefs and other individuals who were directly associated with the tribe,
provided small annuities to various individuals, and gave assurance that
the Choctaw who chose to remove to Oklahoma would do so at the
expense of the United States " and under the care of discreet and careful
persons, who will be kind and brotherly to them. They agree to furnish
them with ample corn and beef, or pork, for themselves and families for
twelve months after reaching their new homes."20 Sunday, September 26.
Negotiations took place between the chiefs and various captains and
officials. Names were added to the proposed terms to ensure that special
land allotments went to the appropriate persons.

Each Choctaw head of a family, being desirous to remain, and
become a citizen of the States, shall be permitted to do so, by
signifying his intention to the agent within six months from the
ratification of this treaty, and he or she shall thereupon be entitled to
a reservation of one section of six hundred and forty acres of land, to
be bounded by sectional lines of survey; in like manner, shall be
entitled to one half that quantity, for each unmarried child which is
living with him, over ten years of age, and a quarter section to such
child as may be under ten years of age to adjoin the location of the
parent. If they reside upon said lands intending to become citizens of
the States, for five years after the ratification of this treaty, in that
case, a grant of land in fee simple shall be issued; said reservation
shall include the present improvement of the head of the family,
or a portion of it.

“Persons who claim under this article shall not lose the privileges of a
Choctaw citizen, but if they ever remove are not to be entitled to any
portion of the Choctaw annuity”.
Department of Interior,
Commission to the Five Civilized Tribes.
Atoka, Indian Territory.

In the Matter of the Application for “Identification
as Mississippi Choctaws”.

Although, it is true that most of those 25,000, MCR-14th Article
Claimants who brought themselves before the Commission under
Feb 8, 1887- and the June 10, 1896, For the Commission were
“Denied/Rejected” Application’ for “Identification as Mississippi

However, The “Identified as Mississippi Choctaws” by Enrollment
Cards “For Identification as Mississippi Choctaws” Were “Identified
By Blood Degree” and, Borne in Mind, that most of the Enrollment
Cards never reached the Secretary of Interior within the Feb 8, 1887-
June 10, 1896 and May 31, 1907 Closing of the “Final Rolls”
Irrespective of any’ Final Disposition of the MCR-14th Article
Claimants on the Dawes Final Rolls"

In all Due Respect to the Choctaw Nation [Oklahoma] Enrollment
Office- irrespective of whether an MCR-14th Article Claimant
“Rejected/Refused Cards by Jurisdiction, as et.,al., Mississipp
Choctaw If you are a "Proven Ancestor of an MCR-14th Article
Claimant- That you are an Ancestor of the original MCR-14th Article
Claimant, and as Such; you can evaluate your et.,a., Mississippi Choctaw
Blood Degree according to a "Proven Ancestor of an MCR-14th
Article Claimant. Who brought themselves before the Commission under
Feb 8, 1887- and the June 10, 1896, For the Commission were
“Denied/Rejected” Application’ for “Identification as Mississippi

The Feb 8, 1887- Choctaw by Blood Final Rolls of 14,923.

The June 10, 1896, Mississippi Choctaw of 1,540 Separate Rolls of
“Special MCR-14th Article Claimants of Mississippi Choctaw.

MCR-14th Article Claimants as Mississippi Choctaw, Irrespective
of “Refused/Rejected” Application for I.T.D. Indian Territory Lands
are’ Dawes Commission Recognized as 14th Article 1830 Treaty
Claimants as “Mississippi Choctaws” Res Judicata-



And any inquiries as to a "Proven Ancestor of an MCR-14th Article
Claimant, should be addressed within this Choctaw Nation, Web-
Page As Such:

MCR-14th Article Claimants- LeoPergson@Aol.Com.

Terry Spencer Terry Spencer

posted on April 10, 2014

My relatives are proven members of article 14 claimants. Please tell me how to proceed with tribal membership. I have spoken to you a few years ago and I did not know of this article.
Thank you.

Terry Spencer Terry Spencer

posted on April 10, 2014

Please email me at

Leo Pergson Leo Pergson

posted on April 10, 2014 and updated on April 10, 2014

Spencer, I do remember you!

Because your Ancestor was/are a 14th Article Claimant- the Choctaw Nation will always throw up a roadblock- "No Choctaw Nation CDIB Application with an MCR-attached to a Roll Number- However, The Choctaw Nation mistake is that there are 1,540 “Special MCR- 14th Article Claimant” on this special Mississippi Choctaw MCR-14th Article" Rolls-However, these MCR-14th Article Claimants were also never transferred over onto the Feb 8,1887 Dawes Final Rolls.

The Resolves for you and your 14th Article Ancestors is to have the Choctaw Nation Clarify that your MCR-14th Article Claimants, Family Group Card “For the Identification Mississippi Choctaws” under Article 14 that Irrespective if your 14th article Claimants Removal- “Rejection” for Lands in the Indian Nations- Article 14th- "Those Choctaws who Claim under this article 14, will not lose Choctaw Citizenship, However are not entitled to any Choctaw Allotment or Annuities-

The big issues here; is Choctaw Citizenship by Jurisdiction As “Mississippi Choctaw”- ad Choctaw Nation Choctaws [Oklahoma] Very misunderstood issues here is; CHOCTAW IS CHOCTAW—


Although it is true that the Choctaw Nation is specifically Compliant under the Feb 8, 1887 Dawes Final Rolls- However- the big issue here is Jurisdiction as Choctaw citizenship- as “Mississippi Choctaw” Not Oklahoma Choctaws-

The tough part is getting the Choctaw Nation or a local Congressman to respond back to your Choctaw Nation by Citizenship Jurisdiction/ Issues-within "Family Group Cards- “For the Identification As Mississippi Choctaw”

Which is the Exact cards that those 1,540 Special Roll Cards.

As to how many MCR-14th article Claimants enrolled-

Under Aug 1, 1912- S-Bill 7625 “Relief of Five Civilized Tribes”

Of the 1,923 persons identified as Mississippi Choctaws on this report of March 10, 1899, also known as the McKennon Roll, less than half, or 880, are now on the final citizenship rolls of the Choctaw Nation in Oklahoma; 1,063 are not on these rolls and are now claimants to an interest in the Choctaw estate. Of this number 538 individuals were never placed on any other roll of identified Mississippi Choctaws, while the remaining 525 individuals, after Re-examination by the commission during 1901 and 1902, were included in the rolls of identified Mississippi Choctaws approved by the Secretary of the Interior on February 14, 1903.

Are you a Proven- MCR-14th Article MCR- Mississippi Choctaw Claimant- et.,al., Members of Mississippi Choctaw? Not’ to be misconstrued as Oklahoma/Mississippi Choctaw-

Spencer, You are only one out of Hundreds that have been going though these same 14th Article Mississippi Choctaw issues- for more than a hundred years.

Thanks for responding- Keep these MCR-14th article issues brought to the attention of the Choctaw Nation[Oklahoma]
Sincerely- Leo Pergson Choctaw Nation “Mississippi”