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Researching your Choctaw Heritage for CDIB Cards- An imporantt Federal Census Records Rule to follow-

Leo Pergson Leo Pergson

posted on February 16, 2014 and updated on March 4, 2014

Halito~ Haklo Anumpa- Finding Choctaw Helping Hands-
Researching by “Individual” is Historically more Rewarding-

Searching~Choctaw Enrollment “Five Civlized Tribes”
Choctaw by Blood and Mississippi Choctaw By Blood-

Copy and Paste- URL- in “Search Box”

Step 1 “search-within-the-book”: Launch the Google
book which will be used for our “search-within-the-book”
approach by using this link => The Final Rolls of Citizens
and Freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes in Indian Territory.

Click on “Preview this Book”

Step 1 “search-within-the-book”: Launch the Google book
which will be used for our “search-within-the-book” approach
by using this link => The Final Rolls of Citizens and Freedmen
of the Five Civilized Tribes in Indian Territory – For Research
the Original "Five Civilized Tribes-



Choctaw by Blood- _________________1
New Born _________________________91
Minor Choctaws by Blood___________101
Choctaws by Marriage _____________107
Choctaw Freedmen__________________117
Minor Choctaw Freedmen ___________151
Mississippi Choctaws______________155
Newborn Mississippi Choctaws _____164
Minor Mississippi Choctaws _______165

Chickasaws by Blood_______________167
New Born Chickasaws by Blood _____197
Minor Chickasaw by Blood ________201
Chickasaws by Marriage __________204
Chickasaw Freedmen_______________165

Minor Cherokees by Blood 438
Delaware Cherokees 469
Minor Cherokee Freedmen 498
New Born Creeks by Blood 563
New Born Creek Freedmen 608
Seminole Freedmen 627

Helpful Hints..

Group the Family Entries- By Enrollment Numbers.
However, Not all “Group Names” Last Names Are,
Compliant under Same “R” Family Group Enrollees.
Leo Pergson Su-Quah-Natch-Ah Band Choctaw Mississippi

If your only searching you Choctaw History for CDIB Certificate Degree of Chotaw Blood" Then we fail to learn about our rich History of the Choctaws history of our Choctaw People. We know the Trail of Death and strifes our Choctaw People went through on our way to the Indian Territories- When you have researched every corner- of the Indian Territory- Borne in mind- the Background-of your Choctaw Migration- and that Federal Census Rolls, whether “W” or “Ind” is important- once the Government- emigrated- assimilated the White communities with the “Five Civilized Tribes” and When the census taker found an Indian married and living in the same dwelling with a white person- Federal Census Laws was to enroll them all together as a one Family Group as “W” White- Not uncommon to find an enrolled Choctaw listed as “W” in the Federal Census Records- In order for Oklahoma to be enacted into Statehood in 1907- The Indian Territories had to have Federal census records Show the Indian Territory records as a whole State along with white community in order for U.S. to enact the State and Indian Lands in Severely as a whole disbursed and assimilated “White” Community-

Although a CDIB- Card shows you Choctaw Blood lineage- Although It shows Federal/National Records of your Choctaw Blood Lineage, however it does not provide you and your direct Choctaw descendants a Personal historical background of how our proud Choctaw lived then and to-day and how they migrated and survived from one part of the country to another. A CDIB- Card- is important however, there’s a great many Choctaw Historical Records- and personal elders History yet to be explored-

In researhing “Final Rolls” for your Choctaw Heritage specifically for CDIB-Card- Was your Choctaw family living in the Indian Country Territories- Between the years Feb 8,1887 and May 31,1907 Closing of the Dawes Final Rolls- Can you find your Choctaw family listed on Federal/National Census Rolls?

Although it is true that Choctaw Nation does not accept and CDIB Application with an MCR- attached to a roll number- Remember- Whether an MCR- 14th Article Claimants Dawes Commission was Rejected or Enrolled in the Indian Territories or enrolled in Mississippi-and never’ Removed-and enrolled in the Indian Territories. An MCR-14th Article Claimant comes with verification by Blood as a Choctaw- Whether Oklahoma or Mississippi Choctaw- whether they were removed under 3rd Article or 14th article 1830 Treaty- CHOCTAW IS CHOCTAW- REMOVED OR NEVER REMOVED FROM MISSISSIPPI~