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Kabbalah: Africa & World Mythology (the Transition from Hunter to Gatherer) - black history month

Aisha Deersound Linole Aisha Deersound Linole

posted on February 14, 2014

So in terms of Africa – this is a much more cohesive view, Olunmira, is the true name of (Orunmila – the god of divination, which is the art of learning about the unknown by using magical means. He was sent to earth by Olodumare to teach people the civilized arts and medicine. Orunmila knows all the languages of the world and is said to be an oracle. His messages are interpreted from the patterns made by palm nuts thrown by Yoruba Priests) Olunmira being the name of a place branching from the magical forest Olan Dita, the God ‘Ogun’ becomes ‘Onug’ god of iron becomes a god of flowers (nug being a local term for the Holy Cannabis), thus increasing peace. hippy medicine. Olodumare, the supreme united Diety, becomes Omodulare, or Yomodulare. which sounds like a surfer dialect of saying ‘Yomo’. Osanyin, the god of herbs and medicine becomes, Oyansin, which reminds of of Anansi, showing how all herbs are woven together, for example the mushrooms connection to marijuana. Oshossi becomes Isosho, God of Gatherers, instead of God of hunters. Shango, becomes Ghanso, like Gonzo journalism. gatherer sthompson. Tsui’Goab, becomes Gsui’Toab, a dyslexic interpretation of Gun Toab, which in gaelic means neutral. he is a god of rain, so this means, not acid rain, nor base rain, but neutral healthy rain originally the name means “Wounded Knee” but after the changed it means “Healed Kenny”, corresponding to the town Kilkenny in Ireland. It all seems to be a code for seeing the none warrior face of Africa, but instead the matriarchal, peaceful face of unity among all the peoples. not only the mythology of Africans but all peoples, are then united and coexist at peace, fulfilling eachother, this is the true land of wanti, a real place, where the anima lives and all ways are remembered. it was only through the joining of dark and light, that this was able to occur showing us that in the beginning, we were indeed people of all colors, living together, much like we are today. I’m happy to have found this, because I was sad that it seemed African lore seemed to be very scarced but I supposed its all just about this old path. I had to learn about other peoples to be able to truly learn about Africa in the right way. without the guns – source (Goddesses, Heroes and Shamans: a Young Persons Guide to World Mythology)