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"MCR" info provided to person(s)

Sonya Deaton - (Pistubbee) Sonya Deaton - (Pistubbee)

posted on February 11, 2014

MC"R" Mississippi Choctaw “Rejected” Does not mean that an MCR Mississippi Choctaw Claimant was not’ enrolled into the Choctaw Nation Tribe" By Jurisdiction as a Signed 14th Article Mississippi Choctaw,
In order for a Choctaw to make Dawes Commission “Application” for his/her “Application” for their I.T.D. Indian Territory Division Lands, the applicant" had to first be “Enrolled” into the Choctaw Nation" Tribe by
Affidavit’ MC-R- Enrollment Card- Signed by Stenographer’

These Enrollment Cards have no “MCR attached to a Roll Number” Then the Final Dawes Commission “Application” for I.T.D. Indian Territory Land Decision Depending on the “Final” Removal and Proven Residence within the I.T.D. Indian Territory Land Decision-within time provided by the Dawes Commission. Many MCR- Refused 14th Article Claimants never removed,
but was still enrolled into the Choctaw Nation Tribe by Choctaw Nation Enrollment Card Signed by Stenographer, “For The Identification As Mississippi Choctaw”

>Records of the testimonial case files-
MCR-[case number]

Then Research Final Rolls of the Dawes Commission to
the Five Civilized Tribes for a MC-R- “Enrollment Card”
[Mississippi Choctaw Enrollment Card- Signed by Stenographer]


> national archives
> genealogy office
> is a good source to info.
a Copy of Records
> vital records,
birth & death (obituary) records
marriage & divorce records
your I.D.
social security card(s)
> enrollment card approved by the secretary of D.O.I.
card info will be in the records of the case file
{mcr testimonial cases file]
the FinalRolls of the Dawes Rolls
“commission to the Five Ciilized Tribes”