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Erin Erin

posted on May 16, 2013

I’ve seen Sophia Folsom Pitchlynn’s name listed as Lk-lo-ha-wah and Li-lo-ha-wah. The meaning is given as “loved and lost” or “loved but lost,” but I can’t find any translations in the Byington dictionary for “love/d” or “lost” that sound like any part of this name. Can anyone shed any light on this?

Amber Riddle Smith Wooten Amber Riddle Smith Wooten

posted on November 17, 2013

Erin you can find this information in a book
called “English to Choctaw Dictionary” that
was published by the OK City Council of Choctaws, 7th Edition in 1981.

You may be able to order or get it from the Choctaw Bookstore.

You can also call VIP Publishing at
(800) 776-0842 (hope this still works, too)

I do know that the Choctaw word “haloka” means
“beloved” or “loved one”.

try this website (hope it still works!)

or just go to

This is the University of Minnesota Website and
this information was published in 1998 by
Rita Laws

Sometimes words can be slightly changed over time.

For example, when doing my compilation of
Choctaw words for my family I discovered this with the help of a Choctaw Elder when I ran into a word at Florida State Univesity that was
definitely Choctaw….“Appaloosa” which means
“black spotted rear end” The Appaloosa is the
horse that is often used at the Florida State
footballs games

obala-butt (rear end) comes from “hopalah” as
listed in the Cyrus Byington Choctaw Language
Dictionary according to the elder I spoke with

The above information is provided by:

“Choctaw Language Dictionary”
Cyrus Byington, Edited by John Swanton, April 1909

“Introduction to Choctaw” Charley Jones and
VIP Publishing Inc., 1991 Fayetteville, Arkansas

Amber Riddle Smith Wooten Amber Riddle Smith Wooten

posted on November 17, 2013

Erin you also may want to check this in
the dictionaries to see if the name has
the origin from:

Hiloha-clap of thunder

I noticed that “Li-lo-ha-wah” has letters
closely related…

…may be a possiblitiy…

The Choctaw elders that speak the native language are great people to consult on this
info also…