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Ronnie Harvey Ronnie Harvey

posted on May 9, 2013

I am looking for information on Tobaca Apuckshunneebbee or his wife Abu To Na I believe I am related to them and would like to know more about where I came from.

Amber Riddle Smith Wooten Amber Riddle Smith Wooten

posted on November 17, 2013


If the name you are sure is Apuckshunnubbee then you probably come from a line of Choctaw warriors!

This name was actually published in one of the recent Biskinik newspapers which had the word “chief” next to the name so you may want to start there first! The Biskinik is Choctaw’s newspaper so it would be easy to get the published name!

You can also start with Oklahoma museums that have famous Choctaw warrior info displayed.

If you have specific names, obtain death certificates from the state’s Vital Statistics (every state has one) to see what state your ancestors died in. In addition, you can check
census records online if you know what state the relatives were living in.

I wrote all the names with “abi” from several
Biskinik publications because I was fascinated with how “abi” eventually evolved over
time and how long the name has lasted!

Here are a few recent examples of published names from the Biskinik publications:






Notice the slight changes on the endings:
“ubee” , “ubby”, “ubbee”, “abbi”

Shoot, I honestly think the name of the famous
former Arkansas politician and TV personality
Mike Huckabee may be be of Choctaw origin!


Biskinik (University of Minnesota)
Rita Laws,1998 “Choctaw Names for Choctaw Babies”
This website has a list of the original “abi”
spelling of Choctaw warrior names

English to Choctaw Dictionary, OK City Council
of Choctaws, 7th edition, 1981