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Happy purim from The Native American synagogue, pow wow in Seattle wanti Choctaw Ireland Belgium Mali Tokyo coexist lucid dreams

Aisha Deersound Linole Aisha Deersound Linole

posted on February 22, 2013

All i can think to say is… Hippy love, tripping on love, truly free So much nonconformity and ranklessness, no harm in frogstafari way, Yomo!
Dream rave dream dream yourself old wierd trippy folk, my sisters boyfriend is ganesh with a wierd video way too scary dream freak out from watching it sum ppl still did though (we saw a little bit n got too freaked out heh) lol it eas ok though like psychedelics fractal eternal rave Tao the spirits are legendary old school acid spirits appearing funny, Timmy had all this Buddha he flashes it like zen zen in like haha hilarious, everyone bud is free I see old people I know awesome party shaman underground rave I wake up but it’s just like flying into another world smoking Dmt, thc, the universe is created at raves, entheogens show us how to dance the worlds can’t fully control it but was able to get here now going back awesome house on snowy hill, sitting zen, meet nick and sun kid, it’s all about Tao, no limits on anything, back in our circle I saw nothing. Peace love unity respect still raving. Huskie spirit is with us we climb in the trees n meditate forever in love suddenly it makes sense it was huge surprise it was all so a party could happen , so surprised raving is nature itself so much love for the planets n for the trees n forests, so much consciousness, Yomo ! Grai! Souls eek was there n they were being nice, rainbowy psychic friends old ravers everyone and we knew then we were psychic deep in the mystical in hippy heaven, the bodhisattva world would never fully know but it was the way of nature the most compassionate way no one was really left out, met uk shaman n Druid rainbows casted eArth embrace, it was wanti way, it was my true fam in true form, finally telling how it really happened. Best pow wow ever, n it was all legal the Seattle tribe said they knew our spirits, we have a place here, it’s a dif kind of zen but it’s environmentally friendly, it’s easy enough it’s honest it’s kosher, it’s from the Native American synagogue and yes the Chickasaw Choctaw Wanti Hebrews Sodhebrews Africans Norse arabian americanajo Mexicanos Aboriginees scottish celtic flemish french jamaican and Irish n everyone ekse ini are one ppl connected by the fairies and tree of life, we support legal cannabis freedom of consciousness and realization thT the only true governmdnt is the soul, there is not outside of that, all else is delusion, They like our spirit passion, hiuuuuuuuuuuu the skies…. Wanti wytipodating, animal equality, chesed. Sacred sexuality sacred use of entheogens, everything is holy I see the universe, I am tripping now, on the Buddha doses, tab namo, goin back now, back to the faery ring, the city is overrun with plants trees n magic. So happy Avalon wanti is back….. Tir na nog, Dana, Dagda, Brigid, Airmid cliodna Laxmi jaShem but names don’t matter love eternal quantum… The animals all spirits r freed quantum style that’s what we do at raves god says call me any form, goddess says, love, I love my friends I love the zen joke. This is truly western paradise, we got a cool welcome they thanked us for reviving authentic spirit, n they were like Gaya yr a Belgium Jew witches of meditation n you have no karma right now, no bad will occur repeat no bad will occur just relax, frogstafari says, ini, this is wanti way. I’ll never forget the way Timmy showed us the Buddha. It wasn’t empty no one could say that, it was full of a great love non conformist materia, which passed onto all beings…! Aigy OM – sephaerithyomo Buddha, Aisha and Flopizanthodee Deersound Fleming Linole… And the huskie, frogstafari and all beings chesed…. Patrick was Kernunnos, the walrus was Paul, celestial earthy, n of course the bisexual spirit beings, we are psych rave legends, worlds will start mixing now for this is Hecates place of crossing paths but it’s good none of it will harm just make It better, none of it is secret society cannabis is the shaman welding together all culture fluidly n hip hop kinda in America this is the good incarnation the good meeting of the alien people’s, this time there is truly peace love unity respect, this time we attain the rainbow body hippy Seattle, mirAculously we are all tranceless. Rankless… Love. Boobs! Happy Purim and happy paganism, goddess! Everything is HaShem! Lchaim hashtali namaste… So glad to connect with our people again… So glad to be different so glad to make a difference, love you universal jungle ! So thankful for the true Kabbalah we are blessed…. World peace! Rainbow medicine letters permutate all the time as suz says ;P rimshot