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Would like accurate historical info for script...

Despina Despina

posted on February 5, 2013

i do not belong to any tribe… i’m looking for accurate description/information of a way of life for the Choctaw in OK around the very end of late 1800s/beginning of 1900s for a script. i would like it to be as accurate as possible and will gladly thank the Choctaw Nation of OK for their help!

more specifically, i would like to know how well they coexisted with the new American settlers. i know the stories of crimes against the Choctaw by the settlers, but were there any civilities? was there any camaraderie or community btwn them? did the Choctaw know English and do any commerce/trade with any Americans?

thank you!

suzanne hamlet shatto suzanne hamlet shatto

posted on February 5, 2013 and updated on February 7, 2013

you should probably contact the oklahoma historical society.

there are two projects that might help you:
oklahoma chronicles
i know that many of these stories are told from a non-native perspective. still, the historical information may be good background. many of these have links to other resources that might be helpful to you.

Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma (OK) (Images of America) by Donovin Arleigh Sprague (Mar 5, 2007) has this book.

pioneer papers – interviews with residents about life and times
this resource is alphabetical by surname.

maybe this resource would help you too:
fort smith criminal records

you should ask about historical newspapers:
1) your public library interlibrary loan program
2) oklahoma historical society
3) oklahoma state archives

chickasaw genealogy archive center Tribal Library
Phone: (580) 310-6477
Fax: (580) 559-0773
1003 Chamber Loop, Ada, OK 74820
send mail to: P.O. Box 1548, Ada, OK 74821
oklahoma newspaper and archives search. some of these resources may be available through interlibrary loan/public library.


suzanne hamlet shatto