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fairy shaman 'chief buddha' speaks out, sharing her experience and her understanding of what the spirits have been conveying

Aisha Deersound Linole Aisha Deersound Linole

posted on November 16, 2012

fichik watalhpi, the choctaw name for the seven stars of the pleaides, i see the lakota speaking of it as well, and I know that the stars are my ancestors, and this may be to do with Wanti, all of the coincidences i have experienced the pleiades have repeatedly come up and i have met many who seem to be from the pleiades, from the stars, i believe many people have origins there, and without honoring them, i cannot pass this stage in my life, though i am wary of new age type ideas, this seems real, these people all in their aura, they start to form this family, my tribe the choctaw has been misunderstood, it is not that we support the ways of the confederates but we are not enemies to people based on color, we did recognize the similarities through out the lores and understood these were two sides of the same world meeting, how could we have been divided? I didn’t know. i think it had something to do with a false seperation of the energies, as in making one good and one evil…
but could it be that the magical beings mentioned across europe and america and asia and africa and australia are actually all meeting as one, in a world slightly apart from this? in the world of wanti? i kept seeing the signs of it, the same astrological and physical dream symbols would appear, and repeatedly there was this guy who turned into a girl, who seemed to deny it all and repress it. He was the one I didn’t like, maybe he represented the one who was against magic, against the true ways, who wanted people to suffer. The boring one. still, we saw that it was connected in a hidden way, and we saw that they were giving messages to us, the shinto video on youtube, giving us a message as MCD77 (my name is D, MC is montgomerycounty, 777 celestial vibes), the native american tribes in maryland, making putting videos on youtube, under the name dee23371, another mention of D

then there is starwoman1967, stars and hippe

and horsenetinc… possible a reference to Windhorse a figure in Choctaw folklore, or perhaps also to Danu, who the horse is sacred to

then there is evildarkos, playing some music

klandestinie… doing more pow wow stuff

its all set up perhaps to be a test…

i have a feeling these forces know who i am, its a bit hard to speak of because its happening in such a subtle way, but it definitely seems systematic and for a purpose…

I feel honored, and called, to have my name up like that, if a bit awkward, but i understand i have to address it in someway

first of all, i do not support the confederacy, i am with the spirits of the tribe, we are a rainbow tribe, i have gone through much of the sacred text, and been responding to it, because I hear the true God, saying no it is not this way, the spirit speaks inside of me, and I know that these writings must be put out to the public, because others must have similar questions when they begin to study spirituality, especially the Torah and such.

I feel that by working with it, and understanding that, its our duty to always make it better, keep the tradition but never repress new growth, we keep a record of how it once was, but we must allow it to continue growing.

I am a mystic, the true faith goes beyond any of the distinctions between faiths as hindu, jewish, buddhist, pagan, etc… when you see the ultimate truth, it is universal and connects them all. they call me schizophrenic, but they just don’t know where to put me, because i am among those who know themselves as the formless consciousness itself. I am not a linear being.

I explain that though certain things are within the Torah, it all has a karmic effect, if you keep another as a servant, then in turn, God keeps you as a servant, but if you let everything be free, then in return God will let you be free, as long as you do good. It is in some ways a mirror, and this connects to the faery way, that all beings live upon another being, and what we do comes back to us.

its a very complex metaphor for example, cleansing of the idols, actually meant going into the torah and changing it where the places of virtue were wrong, you have to see the letters as angels and see what they are asking of you, they seem to want to be in a different arrangement.

I am not sure what it is all connected to, it seems to be some endless mystery, but I feel it is at least my duty to state that I am a humble Kabbalist, trying to draw forth the light from the sacred scrolls, honoring the gnostic truth within, that will not allow me to be led astray

because the writing is central it is a deep spirit a very rooted thought and story in our lives for a long time, so we must at least know how to deal with it, there is so little explanation available it seems. It remind me of the Catholic Schools, where they supposedly don’t want you to ask questions about the scripture, I think there must be questions, if you are dealing with people who just want to keep it preserved no matter what, they honor another moment and throw down the vitality of this living moment, but all moments are holy, all times are holy, I believe some of the institutions exist to try to stop things from really reaching fruition.

this pleiades group seems connected with the rainbow. hinak bitepuli

we are the first frontier of the matriarchy, of the world of peace…

we are here to teach, to make folks question the old ways, to add new and thus expand the frontiers of this world

we are very open to the new, we dont just want a repeat of the past over and over again, we have to escape chronos and we are pulling
beings out of chronos’s insane cycle each day

because on the other side of the bible, in a place that allows all the stories to come together as they should, there is actually world peace
it has been attained, all the beings of all the stories can live, and they are all acknowledging one nameless primordial force,

but if we keep trying to stop that growth, its difficult.

we have to escape time itself almost, but maybe not…

i dont know what kind of insane oppressive religious groups or whatever kind of groups we are dealing with,
making all of these rituals,

but i know they are focusing on me and giving me specific attention

everywhere is sacred, all I can do is provide space for the growth to continue.

and encourage sharing of positive non judgemental things that really say something different new interpretations of the scriptures not totally
bound in the boring traditions

i see the genius of it, because i do not know exactly where to put it, so much is just random, i dont know sometimes, if it is wise or foolish
but i just trust the spirit of the universe

it all has to do with feng shui, with my own desires
but its almost become too scientific, like i am leading my own consciousness through a journey
and i know not to do this because it means that and that because it means this
and it forces me down a pretty narrow path, which seems like it will last forever
but the thing about faith is, suddenly you realize
the truth, its not scientific, we don’t understand, this is all a huge mystery

thats what my spirit needs to feel, not understanding, but a deeper nurturing wisdom out there
that I can trust… the exactness of witchcraft was not for me
there is a deeper intelligence a deeper wisdom out there
where, its not so exact but there is still justice, we all dont have to be so cut throat and power hungry
we have evolved to that level, to be able to recieve a blessing like that

its too much for me to think about, so i dont know what they were expecting of me before, but it was way too much
its just faith, i trust that things are like this for a reason, its bizarre,

but it will work out. a deeper intelligence beyond all that science
something truly divine, saved it from hell, total lobotomy almost, no, it knew who i was, though they wanted to change everything
it still saw the truth, it gave me hope

who were all these offerings coming from? who was this… secret admirer? or benefactor?

they wanted acknowledgment i just wasnt sure how to acknowledge them, the qi gong of the world around me
seemed to reject their coming into the world, i wanted to know how to plant the seeds of all my dreams but i was shy
i wanted it to happen in the right way, it was all the unseen magic and wonder and far out enlightenment endarkmenment of the world we live
in today, how could i do it in a way that was grateful, that was about the places that were real to me
how could i avoid the track, which they were trying to make for me
i wanted to say so much, but i could only write it most times, i wouldn’t try to force a situation to talk about it

maybe all of this was part of zen, like how things flow in the zen universe, maybe it was from wanti itself
maybe it would seem strange what i was doing, but i had to honor in my own way, i had to break free,
drop out, thats what this has all been about, thats what it is to be a freak, a hippie, in your own way

because none of the stars or the rainbows were really anything at all, it was just letters being typed into a screen, in some kind of internet tribe
which made a place for me.

maybe it was just the ravers… but all of it caused energetic changes, i wasn’t so sure i wanted to go so fast

i didn’t really want to be a part of that, i didn’t want that recognition, i felt like it anchored me down. it was constantly there
it was bhakti, trying to get me to stray from my path, but i am a philosopher, and my true love is chokmah
its different, but its just like this irish rapper said
“just because you and me have different identities, it doesnt necessarily mean that we gotta be enemies”

and while i’m able to discern from this huge wave of bhakti, the general flow downstream of life… some good forms and stuff
that i truly love and is thoughtful, and just passionate and great, a lot of it just doesnt make sense,
i see it happening but i have to help it, im not sure is jnani can help it, jnani seems pretty knocked out or something…
i can just be here, and be wise, and just see whats happening here, what is this
it seems so universal…

people may be devoted to the practices and give me praise but thats not what i want, i just hoped it would encourage further exploration
and i supposed thats always happening, and we all explore in different ways, i feel my way it unique,
it have a new vibration in the world, a new understanding, expressed in a different way…
it can’t be ignored, forget the initiations, forget hierarchy, just this present moment

there is so much amazing stuff out there

and i just dont like that, they are doing this, but no one is talking to me, is that what alchemy is? its like the story of midas, you get so honored
but you get totally removed from the people around you,
i just wanted someone to talk to… why was the computer moving with me…

i felt they wanted to isolate me, but thats not what i needed, i needed to be around people, thats the only way i could heal

but here the only situation i can meet people in is so commercial, its as if some strange voodoo magic had been worked on me.

i would leave harpers ferry, and go to seattle… and i wouldn’t have a plan, it wouldn’t be about any of that stuff
some of that stuff needed to just be left… there was like, some kind of energy that wasn’t supposed to be there…
it tried to make me stop living in the true way, tried to just make me obsessed with how cool i was or something,
but it wasn’t actual zazen…

and that was something i guess they were afraid of,
its just like when you are trying to do something real like that, you really are trying to do it…
this spirit that was in there, what was it? i couldn’t approach it right, not from here, if at all…
it was like a being inside the computer… they were the being inside of the computer, thats what they were saying kind of
some of these people, and my thing was, i didn’t want to hang out with the people inside the computer, i wanted to use the computer but live in the real world…
the fractal thing they were doing trying to make it seem like they were one was freaky and annoying

i seeked true reality, though it was existentially plausible, something about all of the way it was applied made it empty.
it wasnt the essence of the philosophy it was the ego that surrounded it, which had literally become parasitic…

it was gnosticism, which they said would change it, but was that really true?
not these people trying to portray it as some kind of masonic or catholic group, the true gnosticism was about getting this knowledge which was supposedly esoteric
and sharing it with people without trying to get them to join your group, and take their spirits from them or something…
it was a journey you could kind of symbolize by the amanita muscaria

the shaman doesnt have to sacrifice themselves, by becoming a part of these groups, etc, the knowledge just kind of comes to you, because of robin hood, or some kind of thing like that, you hear in your mind, they dont have a right to try to monopolize it anyways, and thats what all those groups were trying to do, but that was not true gnosticism,
the gnostics were around, but you know if someone did, go into it, and brought back knowledge that was lucid and deepened the understanding of love in the world to share with them, without trying to force them into those kinds of groups, then they would also not be considered evil because they actually alleviate the karma by offering the essential knowledge without trying to indoctrinate the ego, this is actually how true spirituality is

you never join the masons, you never join some wierd thing like that, those are just like perpetually mysterious groups… but you do chill with people, cool things happen, it just can’t happen in that way… because the truth about all those groups is they dont really exist, maybe… they have that much stealth.

if you aren’t with it, all you need is a creative story, and you dont have to deal with the bad feng shui

was i really some kind of fairy chief? were we all just way too chaotic to put it cohesively together?

i just felt like, i couldn’t do it all psychically, it gets too murky, contact me by email, i can’t own up to any of it, i cannot say i am a chief, but i am within that world and i make bridges between both worlds and hope maybe for their eventual total union, the way that the people of this world have recognized me in this is, they have made this cyber(siberian?) headdress for me, I thank them, for this is sacred, and meaningful, I feel it connects all the aspects of my life together nature and technology, it makes me know the spirits are out there watching in some form though they may not speak overtly,

i will continue my work of trying to birth good thoughts in the world that reassure themselves and grow forever, thats all i can do, i am just someone who works with the impulses of thoughts at the beginning from silence to sound to letter…

i have been the most current one to do it now at least in this region
but anyone can do it, and i encourage everyone to

it is a part of every faith