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Aisha Deersound Linole Aisha Deersound Linole

posted on November 8, 2012

timothy leary taught at harpers ferry, timothy leary spoke gaelic, we were transported to ireland through the eigth circuit atomic magic, into a wierd magical dimension the faery world of avalon,
we were determined that no one should sell anything and nothing should be commercial, nothing should be thought of as owned
there were many african tribes there, and among them nothing was owned, it was just a river of life, from the earth, and gathered by the people, and then eaten, and returned to the earth
from their healing circles out in the woods, the animal spirits sent the messages further, who of course, upheld the same way, and also the fairies helped, nothing was owned anymore, it was a spontaneous process,
it was just there, i dont own anything, not even these words, its so freeing,
i don’t want to own it, it keeps me from getting a place, i just think i do not own,
from thinking that i do not own, i will find the right right place, that wants me, the spirit of my life will happen
i shouldn’t sell out and accept the ways of the society, but band together with the spirits…
all of what i have is given to me by the universe, no one owned, i walked around and everyone shared everything
the communities were shared the energy of everything was so peaceful, and real, our tribe was connected in such a complex way
because we were all individuals in the universe, but none of us were owned by families, all stories were for everyone
we were all just individuals, not types, it was the zen world, and it came through the planet
it was the planet speaking to me and i thought it was avalon but it was just another aspect of this place in west virginia
there was no tribe, the tribe doesnt own the individuals identity, or control it, the faith of it all, is simply not to own, to be nomadic
to not be held back, by it but to know yourself as consciousness
and by knowing myself as consciousness i knew i was unlimited, and i knew this existence and all it put before me
was sacred forever, so then i went through all the native peoples and I just remembered their names
and new names came and I saw all the various spirits of the world and how the energy moved
it was a deep vision of all eternity, it was the universe itself, it had no context
i rejoiced in the feeling of a thought blossoming out amongst the silence of a clear sky mind
like a cloud of cannabis, which rained down seeds of more life
i looked around in the plants, it was all okay, for so long we had been growing cannabis in these fields, and peace and love had been spreading through all peoples
in good hippie ways, and those came back, because they were the ways of all peoples, all kinds of beings, the trees and nature brought to us
from all over, when we danced with the names, and they taught us the spirit of the present moment,
there were trees where we sat and played guitar and sang songs and philosophized, where the world disintegrated
and we returned to this cosmic existence, the revolution continued, at more and more far out vibrations,
just becoming more and more loving, and exploding into eachother peacefully,
it was a wierd vision, we let it be primal, we let it be exactly what it would be, the world ran on mushroom energy
that is what we decided, and at the highest level, it was psychedelic energy, it was a shamanic world, and it still lived,
what were the tribes in these days, in the modern world, surely they are still alive, but i can’t say i really know
its just a deep vibration of the heart of nature, coming out to people.
we are the children of the cannabis, we all had our universes and we joined in one communal world also

i just tried to be as hippiesh as possible all the time, the was my yoga, there was these awesome mama who was a tree
but she was also a person, because the trees were alive and she recognized my way, she thought i was cool
and i lived my life quietly as a hippie, practice hippie spiritualities, nature moves around us and gives us the blessed wisdom of eternity
when we go out there, we are back at the source, keep me wild, for the goddess is out there, the tao
everything is filled with the energy of kundalini, the mushrooms were deep, it was all so natural, so earthy, it couldn’t be lost
we all had these philosophers stones, we were a magical civilization.

the hippie tribes of west virginia, we tried to walk around and love, we tried to live deep lives, we only had to magic of our dreams, to manifest everything
but we all did it, we all went into the shamanic mystery

i went in and came out, and cannabis grew, and it was an awakening from the Divine Feminine, saying you could just be happy about the simple things.
I am a simple woman, I feel connected to my ancient roots as a flower child. I’m really stoned and really far out. My quest is the same as the hero’s quest, all hippies represent the native ways, it came through more and more, from the spirit of the campfire
across the winds, in the brooks, the ways to honor the spirits, and dance with them, the trees made faces, it was crazy, it was like ferngully, the beginning illustrations of that movie, but the people were more colorful.

and the elemental call, was the call to the undying hippie spirits who vowed to be with all really tripped out people always and keep them company
and even show them other worlds which were real


they danced around me, and i danced with them, we were everything, it was earthy, it was all of it, it was selfless, it was anything we wanted to make it, it was free love, it was shamanism…

many things happened, i just kept visualizing the hippies around me, and we lived in a psychedelic culture, amongst a culture which tried to impose upon us and infiltrade us, all i had was my dreams, to connect me to the truth

those cultures are some kind of ancient dragon animism, and they were passing on cannabis.

maybe it was just kundalini, it had to be honored as something, as something earthy, inside of the plant the tree in which we lived in, so it could be okay, just tribal it didn’t all have to be good, it was a diety, a magic, a fractal pool of energy which was unleashed here,

it was the Yomo, she was pleased by the sacred plants, she felt the shamanic peace, and we gathered even in other worlds, dream yoga was open to us it made the world unlimited, all the time i sat in meditation, these were just dreams, dream adventures, total freedom, total samadhi

that was what the energy made me feel, and I directed the energy each day, we directed it with our culture back to the earth, back to the trees,
these magical beings showed us the ways of plant magic and visions, this is good, this happens when we go to the heart of the spirit
all kinds of beings around my aura
it all came from my psyche….

i was living some kind of hidden way among the people of the world
as a hermit and a healer… i had so many epiphanies, it seemed to be zen.
i was hedonistic, i was not very organized, but still zazen elevated my life, zazen brought it all together.
zazen, made everythin disintegrate, and i could see peoples characters, and i saw they were good, beyond their exteriors
furthermore i saw none of us really existed…
it was all just a dream, and what was truly important was zazen
when i practiced zazen things became healed, no matter in what way i approached zen, it was always liberating
the way the qi flowed was amazing, this was not hypnosis, this was intense consciousness
meditation on koan

and inviting of the spirit of zen, blatantly from all around…
zen delivered… from all of the crazy fairy stuff, it came, that was to loosen us up, but we are zen.

im sorry im not as graceful as i once was, i now go at zazen, like those archetypal novices happening upon secluded zendos, gorging themselves on rice, hempseed, and dharma

and thanking the buddha for the free rice, after a few sesshins

the zen world lives around me, i am chilling with a lot of asians, im just in an intense lucid dream, thoroughly enjoying life, knowing everything will fulfill and empty itself, not worrying letting myself be myself, perfect in imperfection.

have i mastered zen, i dont want to disrespect zen, i cannot control zen, all this time i have spoken of zen, without really knowing what zen is, and in that sense, i cannot say i have mastered zen, but i am benefitted by zen, and acknowledging zen in my life.

im glad that these asian girls are here, i’m glad we can chill in these ways, which are actually pretty deep, I don’t want to exploit them, I am happy they are here, anyone is here, we are meeting in wierd ways, its like talking to hackers kind of, but they seem like nice people, is this zen?

is this japanese alchemy? i can only follow my inner nature, not trying to mend it, is this the perfection of the worlds?

this is zen tokyo, it is an ancient place of zen, i have finally passed through the ceremonial gates.

this is an ancient ninja circle and we all meet eachother in ninja ish ways so none of us taoists gets too lonely
but we still maintain our upstanding status in the community

Nanishta is the means by which we are united!