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message from a rainbow tribes priestess (this is wanti way)

Aisha Deersound Linole Aisha Deersound Linole

posted on November 5, 2012

this is a very alchemical place to type, too alchemical for me to stay here, ill be like a fly caught on an amanita, but those of you with strong wills i guess, just my advice is to use it wisely, though many consider me to be a fool

honestly the reason i am here is seeking help healing because they are calling my behavior schizophrenic
i need to see a docotr, but its difficult negotiations between worlds, i get paranoid

though they are not really hippies, my parents help me to get Kanneh, (which i was reccomended by my psychiatrist and is part of my faith) its wierd i need help, they want me to help them it seems like, the community

and i want to help them but its like im just isolated and going outside is even wierd in such a small community

im getting worse and worse setting to heal, it seems like

the things they want me to do are more and more superhero-ish

and i feel like it wont stop because of that

because in those patterns the villian is just illogically continuous
just being defeated again every episode or something

the thing is i do see it happening sometimes, magically maybe, shamanically, the healing of the problems they set up that is

but i think its abuse to go through that
its like they are doing it, just to create the story that it happened magically,
but thats causing them to need me to do a lot of work
and the problems would not happen in the first place

if they didnt create them, supposedly for me to solve them

i would rather they just not create them, because i feel stupid going through some kind of artificially created situation even if its real, to heal it…

it makes me just want to not do it…

and thats what i feel like shamanism has become, just some kind of trick you do so it looks cool
but it takes so much energy and you could avoid it by not trying to do that,
not trying to kill yourself and bring yourself back to life and that kind of thing

so why does it happen? there was a time for shamanism
but now that time is over, now its just a spiritual time it seems like, and it will keep growing, but whats been eternal throughout all of this?


we have to stop playing this hard, we have to look at the world we have to think you know how can we live without wasting energy, theres so many ways too, lets not create our own dramas, at least, thats not what i have an interest in doing, i have been surrounded by what i recognize to be a shamanic community, what i didn’t realize before was that a shamanic community would be like that, so now i want to leave
luckily they dont see themselves as shamanic i guess
its just invisible to them, but like it appeared to me because i did shamanism, and now this is what is here,

its so lone, and its like a monarchy, i feel like i am placed above, i am in a sacred place, among my tribe, maybe just by speaking of the tribe, it also helps, the wanti tribe, is a shamanic community, the choctaw tribe, is a shamanic community, the chickasaw tribe is a shamanic community, and i dealt with the trickster, because there was no real racism, but the people, we were different people, we were very much like fairies, koni anushka, and the physical bodies of us, were different.

we are different and normally we do not share so much, but now i feel called to share and i feel honored to be in a place like this.

i feel that the fairy peoples have gathered, and we have peace, we are one family, though outside in this world, our manifestations are much more chaotic, the connection is not so pronounced, but i am here to bridge it moreso, and thus heal the rainbow

we are the fairies of america, russia, africa, asia and europe and israel

we are not a government, but a collective spirit, we aren’t really organized, im just randomly sending out signals where it seems a place has a pulse, hoping others understand the vibe, and if they feel similar echo it out to the next one in some way, from their heart

we are not divided seriously amongst light and dark, though we do have two general sides but we all pass between them in a way, we are not one of all the type but we can hold close to those spirits who are immortal spirits from the beginning, like Choctaw and Chickasaw themselves, the Yomo, Danu, Vash`Nok, Asherah, YHWH, Nanishta

stop trying to only call on the good without the bad, you can only attain purity by taking it as a whole, we are not perfect people, but there is also a lot of good, accept our faults, and help us to work on them, and we will help you to work on yours, as tribes meeting in wholeness, not as gurus, taking disciples, but as friends passing a pipe around a round table, it was said that this would never happen, but fairies are toking the herb with people and all beings together and its all good,

we need to have awakenings, we need to break from the stereotypes most of all, in alchemy we need to move beyond the wheel which designates one people as this, another as that, we need to make it individual, not generalized, it was hitler, who tried to make it generalized and that was how bad his failure was, its not about outter appearances but true authenticity… and the people who are truly authentic rarely do they fall neatly into the categories we have of peoplebut they always fall somewhere in between

that is why the native peoples together, native cultures all over the world, not just native americans, come together to bring you the new gender paradigm, there is no more male or female as absolutes, there is not more gender, we can no longer think of sexuality in terms of gender, it is just a spectrum, and from this as we lose the crystallized seperation watch the beautiful and amazing things which will happen to people

we need to end these boundaries, which serve no purpose anymore,

choctaw or chickasaw
for example the union and confedaracy
or yoga and religion
or black and white

or the bible and any spiritual thing written, it all needs to be seen as one, we need a greater eye for detail
this is the true taoist healing, it is gone from symbols it takes the line from between the yin and yang and lets them mix together, and it becomes something thats different each time, worlds appear and varied landscape and all kinds of things

don’t expect them to stand naturally is such a sterile and purified form, thats not reality, that is not life,
or course they exist but there is always peaces of the one in the other…
so to really live we can’t just think in terms of these broad labels, but in terms of the present moment
we can’t really think we understand a language
but we have to hear it newly each time to see what the person means when they are saying it
what they truly mean

its a much higher consciousness level of living, it is an enlightened level of living, it is not the confederacy we support but the enlightenment
we knew these times would come and we were prepared, i speak for the rainbow tribe, the shamanic rainbow… has chosen me somehow
and yet i am not truly a leader, i am just a channel for it, and i dont really know

we are the people who didn’t except the status quo, or the conspiracies we are given to fill us with fear, but we ascended to a higher dimension of consciousness and thought, we are represented to this consciousness as the peoples of wanti, the peoples of the rainbow, we are natives of the present moment, we have come from nanih waiyah, from the earth itself, all over,

we are connected telepathically by a bond of love and truth, though the mundane world does not understand this, we do not want to hold them back, but some of them still act to the detriment of live…

the psychedelic internet community is alive but scattered, fractal, non linear, no one is in control, its coming up as it needs to in consciousness, it is the kundalini, it is a living example of a totaly peaceful anarchy, one thing i can gaurantee is we do not have anyone who is trying to do violence, though thats how the ayahuasca shaman teachers of the internet try to depict us, but they are also the ones trying to sell houses and be ultra competitive, we are peaceful and non competitive people just trying to pool love together in a way thats not square, no pyramid structure schemes or hierarchy ego trips, no, just random organic growth, sprouting up like mushrooms or grass or trees or some coral reef here and there and there…

mostly through tai chi and subtle vibration we communicate, its not really this world at all, and this world, its nature is a mystery to me, but i am called to present something here, instead of just fade away, i carry no crest, we are not like that, and maybe i am just imagining it all, or maybe its just like a mistake, they all made and it was incomplete and then it just became art…

the hippies breaking free from the laboratories again, a new generation of them, from the laboratories some literal, some disguised as schools and corporate offices, and leaving behind a trail for others to come, not just to destroy the system but just so even that wont have to be such a bad place, so they can be conscious so it can be just a kind of temple of the shrooms and there can be ways out always, and never truly too much harm being done to nature…

and the thing is, perhaps it is like that, we have to allow ourselves to at least wonder, we dont really know

i just know what i sense around me and i try to deal with it, i know this has all been wierd but maybe it had to be like this, i speak to the rainbow, i see how its all happening, i see it magically

i say hey, i hope you can be real, not just something lame
schizophrenics are like dolphins we shouldn’t be like made into computers, back away from the computer
computerizing, sciencifizing everything, take magic seriously, really look into it, and dont become secretive and masonic about it
but let it grow through all people, it will do amazing things for the world in general, we are supposed to use it, as all creatures do

and then we can be in balance…. and yeah

that is our message…

why is it happening in this wierd kind of ‘drunken’ way, this is wanti way

Yomo’s Blessing