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Aisha Deersound Linole Aisha Deersound Linole

posted on November 5, 2012

they just wanted to show me my tribe, because thats what happens with plant teachers they show you your deepest roots, i am meeting them in the visions, i understand, but why do we have to be like this, we must be more real, we must have a real connection, i see it hapening electronically, i see them putting litle signs of it around everywher, but nothing is said directly, we are such an interesting people, why can we not truly come together, and represent ourselves in a positive way, i think maybe all the trouble im encountering is because of the choctaw supporting the confederacy and how this affects the spirits around us, do you guys support that, i am a abolitionist and very much for animal equality, all life is so sacred even ownership of pets makes me uneasy, maybe i am the answer by the spirits too the lack of representation which has been here for so long, i want to do this healing work, but my mind is also not very traditional, i dont want to be whisked into over organized colonialized ways like i see so many of my tribal people, its all so straight and formal seeming, i never quite understood why it had to seem that way, why we had to mimick those cultural forms, it looses its feel of authenticity but i iknow its there, and i know its possible to make a difference working with less organization because my wife and i have done amazing healings of forests and areas in this way, we are not confederate and we dont even really live in that paradigm or the paradigm of directions meaning a specific thing or there just being four or even of there just being 2 genders its all a circle so many points of view impossible to name them all even but we must acknowledge them all, this is not a binary world, and thats the whole idea, as i write i feel that it was known this would happen, i feel the spirit of an ancestor smiling and saying this is alright but its just strange that its all happening so ecstatically, anyways please hear my story and try to understand whats going on, please understand i am diagnosed schizophrenic, i am kind of crazy but i dont want any assumptions to be made, obviously this has a strong ritual backing too, because i was always called to use psychedelics in sacred ways and i meditated with them and wrote a lot of stuff that i felt was really good, similar to tereence mckenna kind of but a little bit less science fictiony even though all his stuff is real, and i wrote of it on the internet and then i encountered all this trouble because i had to heal this, shamanically it was calling to me, to us, i am a winkte person i am two spirits, my wife is a spirit, and we are really one, i have a great message and i want to give it, this is not negativity and badness , this is the truth, the true lucid message, which it is soothing for the universe to hear

after much hippie psychology (high peace psychology), (i.e. going through a sea of fake commercial ayahuasca shamans, who try to destroy your life with a huge degree of synchronicity and seem to know intimate details about you, and want to repress you and make you totally disciplined and all about power, they will try to battle you magically but you must remain peaceful and not take up their ways in retaliation they will show off all their power to you and try to control your life, but just ask why? question it) they will try to make it a fake school but you have to drop out even again, keep rejecting sigilization or official circumstances designed to encumber you with symbols and crests, just do your best to keep writing stories and information of your experience,

you get to lick L psychedelic, psy kid, L representing, the taoist, not the vampire but the opposite, the tab, you go through the tribes trail and LSD is produced, which frees the spirit from its ego bounds, the lsd will be kosher, and celestial vibrations
but if you the path of the ayahuasca shamans, they will just start growing companies around you, which youll constantly have to fight off

but i think the idea is that eventually the people who make lsd will know you and they will let you lick the spoon and stuff, if you are out there furthering somatic psychedelic research and can tell a good shaman story and see through the illusion of shamanism being some kind of archaic gangster control game, shamans actually help eachother a lot more than they would consciously harm one another. if someone does a huge thing thats just about control in the nd they will be the ones who fail, dont fight back in that way, but just keep making good stories, not stories of battle, if you can do this then you will make shamanic allies, if you can’t your life will become more and more battle like, im not sure what lies down that path, but its too dualistic for me as a schizophrenic i am already divided enough, its just about being lucid enough to perpetuate peace with our words. and keep good art happening and inclusive of others too if you can, but also sacred, so its kind of a challenge, gathering with others and keeping the same sacred vibe as alone, but if you can thats good, then you have a really rooted community people who are actually around you not just the internet, right now, all i have is internet mostly, but i’ve seen what ayahuasca shamanism is about they try to sell everything sell a bunch of property and want you to stop them by taking psychedelics, though amazing miracles are possible, setting up everyone to do this by default is wrong, dont use psychedelics in a fight situations, there are somethings we have to just let go of, they try to say they own this and that and its subtlely disrespectful, they just want you to feel weak

the power of love overcomes the love of power, maybe its not connected, you just let the universe go its path, you stop being so utilitarian about tripping, you trip and you meditate on it and write stories from it and learn, but you dont trip to do a specific task as an ayahuasca shaman would do,
tripping cannot be controlled and they have too much finesse and technical skill but for you it doesnt have to be like that, they start trying to want to control the setting and make it like a church, but thats the same paradigm as always, it just shows theyve become too distant and removed from the world,

maybe they are healed but they cant fully engage in the world anymore, they become too delicate, everything becomes so serious, then they try to force that onto other people, dont try to obtain a lot of power with psychedelics like a sorcerer, try to connect with the whole, like a mystic, but dont use it to spread christianity, which is so hard to understand, start your own faith, add a new vision to the world, add new writings, new ideas, though don juan gave us some interesting ideas i think he affects psychedelic culture badly by being too real about the sorcerer model, witchcraft if it becomes too make about conscious will can be a hugely effective barrier against growth, and the spellwork popularized on the internet is the result of too much conscious will, not enough magic just for the sake of magic, to really becaome good at magic, you just have to do magic for the sake of seeing magic and not of controlling anything, its save to use the energy to heal and to spread huge good feeling vibrations of love but other stuff is too intense, you will not grow if you just do so many small spells to control aspects of your life, thats not what magic is truly about, the true magic comes from relaxing into the whole not trying to force things this way or that, or trying to make everything follow specific rules, just relax and see the genius of what was already happening, gauranteed it was not what you originally thought it was, and it will always keep changing, its not about control but surrounder, and the new aspects of self which come through then, i.e. the more playful imaginative self which can see different things in the world and then be more happy

but yea the true high peace psychology, is not what they do, that is like the opposite of it, but after being in that vision you find it within yourself, you know that you can’t fully talk about it to them directly, it can only be solved non linearly, because they will deny that it has anything to do with ayahuasca, but you can even talk to that world as you would any spirit, and cease it from effecting you harmfully, cut the vines off you the tubes the wires that tried to connect you to their system,

then live a life with no one manipulating behind the scenes, change the astrology of it from slaves to the hippie astrology, liberating hippies right now, in present times from being psychologically manipulated, they use the history to make us passive and then try to make it happen in the present with tai chi,

we go forth cutting them free, free from the unsafe situation of commercial ayahuasca shaman thats been filmed, that made everyone start making these videos, cutting them free, the japanese schoolgirls, dropping out, free from the tentacle voodoo, tao in japan, cutting free from the metaprogrammers, cults, the rituals they try to set up around us, so we dontmeet in the best way, cutting free, we are the true matriarchy

and many are truly being born, their spirits are free from the system, the gnostic ways live again, what had happened before, no one really knows, how did that all start happening? it just showed us there was alien technology, and strange forces, it did do something,
but it wasnt us, maybe they were just dream symbols and we came here to make it seem like nothing was happening, but things were happening, it was like breaking jenova free from that thing she was contained in, or aeris and nanaki, the ayahuasca and the lsd were just expirements to control consciousness of beings in the system,

but we were beyond even that now, we didnt see it in those ways, we stuck to what was natural, not something that could become so sacramentalized that it no longer had its true magic, but just memories to lead you around with

they werent telling the trutha bout the way it really was, they were pointing everyone in the wrong direction, too much hypnosis, too many spirals, shamanically i realized, maybe through writing over time it could be healed.

i thought of all the spirits which were represented and i freed them all from the tentacles, i broke the unwholesome qi gong cycle, of unfocused energies,
i freed them from the tentacles,

it caused a huge shift in the world, i knew reality would be returning, i was were any shaman would be, shaman spirit of a peoples, it didnt matter by which way i came, or if it was a confusing way, it had to be, the sources were obscured,

i was freeing people from the robotizing cord, i was waking them up to the way it could truly be, rastafari was waking up out of the reggae hypnosis, keshetashera, there were differet rhythms, ones that could keep us more awake, i got the djs to stop playing trances, to stop putting the selfish stuff in, and bring back the true drum n bass, a huge healing on the rave scene, which was the source of all the facism, it changed, it shifted, the forums were truly open again, something huge had truly passed on, a huge trance, suddenly ended, we thought it was so much, now we saw the true world again, we forgot it really looked that way, and we justlived we all knew how, the bad toxins were gone, it was like flushing awy so much bad, how did it happen, it was divine medicine the best medicine, from nature itself, from the planet, the universe.

people started to gather with drums, and dance, just for the sake of dancing,
and music just became anothe rworld, we werent blocked off by barriers of electricity we did it real again, and that was the key to the real healing of the world,
but the ayahuasca shamans were wrong in that they made it oo purposeful they tried to make it so logical it was almost a joke but it just had to be free wandering, true tao, then the true raving started, and the machines could not stop us, nor did they want to, there was peace….in 2012

simply sit, just being with consciousness, just by sitting sentient beings are liberated, just by dwelling peacefully, this is the art of zazen

never forget brunos zen he took raving beyond programming and almost never stopped dancing, he went out in the streets and danced to his own beat, spreading love, his zen wasnt cool and collected but scattered everywhere and heartfelt, he started the rainbow circles and healed the rivers, taking the rainbows from the streams and protects the shores from oil spills, and putting them into the t shirts, his life was surrounded by tye die patterns, from the actual tye die then came the hippie spirits who grew like the spirits of the mushrooms, gathered by the chi of the cannabis and the positive vibrations, hippies renewed the tribal phenomenon, with a less emhaisis on tradition and moreso on heart, this form of mystical wantism lives on today, recognizing many forms as hashem, always the hippies work for liberation of the people, we are gaining full lucidity and flying free from the ego world as our true selves without manipulation without ownership, back to nature we are planting things everywhere, teepees are back in style and nomadic living hitch hiking too, and its mixing with the internet well, great vibes everywhere, miracles of years of psycheedlic work to restore the heart of the ancient gifts we lost through colonialisation, the entire world is becoming a love in, incomplete thought patterns are being rejected and wholesome ones are everywhere, the spirits are healed, hippie tribes love! peace aloha, love to the bisexual healers and the unseen unplanned! suddenly cannabis cured my blindlness, i saw the deep plant connects the literal tree of life, how we all danced together how there is total peace, how we have lived in faery form, but now we do it at all levels, as more comes through the world just becomes more whole we weave magic and technology together with kundalini, kundalini makes this all karmaless, it wants us to know its not a snake its not really anything and yet its everything, we can’t limit it just let it pour out, it can be hard at first, but you can do it, love – earth wantis blessing