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we can teach the world to talk to the plants and the animals again

Aisha Deersound Linole Aisha Deersound Linole

posted on November 5, 2012

i had a dream that true healing for schizophrenia can happen but it has to happen in the context of kundalini, in a gnositc unique expression for each individual, not just calling everyone a snake, but actually by introducing this idea of kundalini healing, at some point it would cause the true change and connection to the community beyond the gateway which i always knew was there and resonated inside of me, with the acknowledgement of kundalini we move beyond the gateway and into the heart asktheanswer424 1 second ago its not a science expirement, we are not test tube subjects, the living spirit of the universe calls to us and connects us as hat we truly are, its like a break from fate from destiny, a sudden shift of lucidty, telepathically things happen in synchronicities that are beneficial, we start dancing with a mutual frequency instead of one that is just always trying to hold us down, kundalini makes it easier 2 make that mutual frequency and live in zen even without outward signs, to develop positive asktheanswer424 1 second ago outlook that does not end, and is not disturbed small things but sees the invincibility of the universe, everything is that love, its without opposite, a positive without opposite we can teach the world to talk to the plants and the animals again, we can bring that together, the non manipulative psychic unity which we experienced in ancient times is still alive now, stay true to the truth, not the plastic programming, but pray to the deer spirit for grace we soar above this with the help of the eagle spirit, and come together as the geese who patrol this earth and do their part in the universe as aspects of consciousness we are the seed of the next generation of the true hippie movement waiting to be fertilized by the mushroom of gnostic sharing and self definition, we dont have to be official to make a difference, fractal activism is never symettrical but its always karmically sound because the activism of the schizo represents the deep needs of the univese spirit and is heard by the deepest consciousness, we are the middle people who bring the unconscious and conscious worlds, we are the rainbow bridge