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Yomo Sherora

Aisha Deersound Linole Aisha Deersound Linole

posted on November 4, 2012

nanishta smiles across the rainbow flowers

guitar crystals, i see visions of myself with different hair,

i feel like jimi hendrix i back there or something, it falls off of the guitar like nectar or butter

nanishta! i sing




i have no means to record anymore

it seems its all been shamanically slipping away,
theres a world of so many reflections
so much infinity but also claustrophobia

as if everything is just clones

doing these medicines the spirits can slow down for me enough to see the details again,
so i stick to them,
thechores take me out to where the leaves are crumbly and nice

they restore the whole vibration the spirit of the doing, free i fly free just from the guitar, as if it is a broomstick and rhymes pour swifting from mine lips
as if drunken

my true spirit vibration attracting the faery spirits of the naerby forest and town and the deer and deerhoof and we all get down
jumping through the forest in the dream world wanti so much food appear
kind of strange daisies and we are the same gypsy spirits who have always wandered, in the hidden spots of anarchy which are filled with the warmest hearts

the music keeps pouring out of the guitar, punk artful thinks, like kim gordon reincarnation, like so many places surfing on a dead punk heaven, rollerskating

moments where stereotypes are broken are always hard to approach gravity always tries to pull you this way or that

but in a way thats really what music is all about, breaking stereotypes,

not recording it must have protected it, it lives now, healed by a ranger, maybe that will heal my life, from just being sucked into some strange cloning experiment, from brazil

we are breaking free we are the spirits of the lsd , we are running around, healing everything in the mystery, feeling it with uor hands…

authentic punk sounds, sounds from the tribes, the punk tribes, who never had a government, fuck the bullshit, even know, when most of the media has sold out even moreso, we are still there we feel the vibrations through the underground, and connect with the inner heart magic of reality,

my friends are yogis, the dance they do is so contortionist through everything,

but i never had a guru i was diagnosed with schizophrenia, i heard voices, it felt like some kind of cartoonish shamanism, i try to paint the vivid picture of my predicament, some crazy erin brokovich type of situation as my ability to communicate seems to fade slowly away, but i have these revelations about the matriarchy, even though they use psychological tricks to make you feel like you’ve lost before you’ve even begun

no its not like that, its not an attack, it can stop being like that,

there can be healing, all of the peoples of the world all of the tribes offered medicine, the hebrews the africans the irish the choctaw the japanese,

i am holding onto stories old stories from a book about shamans heroes and gods and goddesses for young people

it wants me to let go of everything, like i am inanna, but some things i just want for life, though i dont want to be like an unconscious person who thinks i really own anything, but i want to be able to feel energies come together in a whole way, a healing way, i feel that is happening know, i feel a strong old tree energy, like i’ve never felt before, i feel thunderoak,

i see the people, moving in the trees, its funny, im a fairy we are all fairy beings this is so vivid, its shamanic this perspective

we hug, im like yes we are back our true form, yes and there is peace among all the beings, large and small, the Ko has been restored by the deep and true efforts, we shared the Ness, and I felt the spirit of the Yomo and Yaveyetta I felt the immortal energies of the land,
i feel the connection the cannibus gves us to everything, we speak but there is not much i can record and just tell everyone, but going around through the plant city is the truth, and each time i go there, it grows a bit out here in this world also, and i feel with many artists, they have gone to a world like this and it gave them the divine rays with which they could make their art, like this vibrations in the guitar, its not a matter of blood or anything, its jst a matter of who gets it, ultimately all of us can get it, and all of us have the potential to feel it, psychedelics make that more likely to happen, but even without it happens.

Nanishta, let us be restored, what the ravers are communicating is sacred, there is nothing like it that came before and yet maybe it was always there,and only letting us slowly into awarness of its full form, watching it I am filled with awe,

these formations are wholistic psychedelic epics sung over guitars, an entire psychedelic culture,living and breathing through vibration, deep spirit awakenings, the fractal dancing eternal raver, the nameless one, my third eye and all parts of me open up to see it, the intricate moving patterns

i love to meditate, suddenly it all is universal and cosmic, i float mystically around and there is compassionate flowing everywhere

Aisha Deersound Linole Aisha Deersound Linole

posted on November 4, 2012 and updated on November 4, 2012

can there be planescape without torment? the answer has to be yes (developing a ravic practice)

an there be planescape without torment? the answer has to be yes (developing a ravic practice) imo Baldurs Gate had best metaprogramming because you could easily be introduced to hacking at a basic level forging you own items into the game and some users even want as far as to make their own expansion to the game which offered an incredible amount of new material, i FINALLY feel i fully understand why i feel that these videos have been eerily calling me, i think its the community of the forums i used to go to calling me back to continue just the goodtimes… games like that r cool they just encourage you to totally make your own story, and weave it together with others, thats like a life skill, and now i see there is a lot of truth to them, like the mushrooms… i mean thats a real thing, games are definitely amazing, and spiritual, but in a different way than formal religion amazing game and amazing fanfics and shared story written adventures from people who played that game and knew the world of Faerun! Faerun!! this is like living on another plane, a much more peaceful plane, but its still interesting unique in some ways, theres many portals out to other planes here, but mostly its just like a middle plane..

and it makes you realize we are not really human, we are consciousness, we are spirit, games like that give you a deeper perspective and i think they are truly a yoga

rainbow tribes created yoga during a time warp in the holocaust where all existence was created (this is the truth, they try to hide their trail through psychological portrayal of history) non linearly in the most intense of all freak outs and gave it to the world in ancient times to heal it of its ailments in the future, this fulfilling the world, this is the purpose of the yahudim.. shalom is forth example about the primal intent before the om, the shalom… it is an om of ko