Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

The Great Seal of the Choctaw Nation


Aisha Deersound Linole Aisha Deersound Linole

posted on October 13, 2012

may unlimited love kindness wisdom beauty abundance and equanimity flow to all beings with the thought of HASHTALI
may the youth be moved to the streets and gather in peace rejoicing in the trees, seeing their ancestors in them, seeing the ancient wisdoms of the world which are appropiate to them in that moment which they can take on forever and may they meet eachother with joyous hearts even as str
angers and take eachother in and may we move in many circles and spread many blessings and truths of being like the bees do the pollens of the flowers, and see HASHTALI in them all as the myriad and also as the one may we all remember there is truly no ruler above and that the divine is always emmanent in all, everything is the highest, everything is heaven, all around us are the angels, may we truly percieve the miracle of what is, and rejoice in it and add to it, that which grows in our spirit from its immersion, may we cease conflict, in favor of spreading this love together just for the feeling it gives us and the spirit which moves within
may we abandon image in favor of the beauty of mere authenticness of intent may we always know HASHTALI first hand in our heart forever, and not be afraid to break from the crowd and be ourselves, may we know that it is not the politicians who rule but HASHTALI who is the doer and the governer of all, who is the tao, who is one with all, who dances with us forever, who is the beloved, who rains down and sprouts up, who frolics in the fields, who is the very earth, who is all peoples, and all species and every breath and utterance, who is utterly beyond social constructs and behaviors, who is goodness itself, and may the poets pens be full of inspiration and the philosophers mouths be full of the flowering of chochmah as they bring us to the true mystery, and ward us from the misguidings, and with each realization of the truth, the misguiders will become less and less, their ways have no wisdom, no reason to fight anyone, no reason to divide, the heart is full and overflowing, there is enough for all, give, and love and be free, without limits, without limits is the name, whose core is the silence, the silence which is sound, the motion which is stillness, the dance with is meditation, the conversation which is prayer, the randomness which is blessing, shilup chito osh