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hipeyagnansidhesu AND the mysticism of food ingredient label feng shui

Aisha Deersound Linole Aisha Deersound Linole

posted on October 13, 2012

realtyedie,dot freeforums (dot) org – please help this forum grow, sign up make a post and come back in a bit to see where its gone, its for schizophrenic people medical cannabis users meditators nature lovers and the rest, by schizophrenic people and the rest, there will be no more wierd rituals, fake facism, or missionary activity… there will be rave spirituality PLUR!!!

the religion of food ingredient label feng shui

garlic chopped

realtyedie,dot freeforums (dot) org – please help this forum grow, sign up make a post and come back in a bit to see where its gone, its for schizophrenic people medical cannabis users meditators nature lovers and the rest, by schizophrenic people and the rest, there will be no more wierd rituals, fake facism, or missionary activity… there will be rave spirituality PLUR!!!

california garlic, the heavy whipping cream, then basil pesto, and trader joe

they painted a picture of a ideal place with a open minded image

willing to trade or pass on its secrets of attaining this

open minded feng shui, in return for some simple shared insights on our part

to end the vampiric tendencies…

change the whipping to hipping…

the lesson in this: don’t torture yourself for sexuality, true love is not bout the egos, its not a ‘double you’ its just the thing itself, dissolved into infinity… like in an intense kiss…

basil will protect your love from the detractors who do not understand, it will absorb the pest

who try to tell your story for you,

after the garlic makes your breathe bad

the green heals it once again



again reiterates, an Essay L, a essay on LSD, or more general a trip report meditating on the experience of the trip, going into the experience with the intention of making a trip report afterwards gives us more incentive to go deeper into the experience, and have deeper insights

and by sharing these insights we help to heal not only ourselves but also others… we can appreciate where we are as sacred, for anywhere that someone has a good trip is a sacred place forever, and thus the blessing of california, or israel, or wanti, or seattle, or whatever place you percieve it to be, can be where you are too…


or in my case Aessa yell

the call to me from the spirit world, which is in my soul to bring this to you, psychedelic wisdom and that which understands me, in its strange way…

my true family is a trip, the psychedelic world is not as static as the world of convention, hence the places can be everywhere at once…

the jews knew this and taught it… I wanted to go to seattle, but somehow from talking about it so much, it was like something shifted here, and the antiquated view of it faded, it showed a more indepth side of itself, and seemed more approachable, a better energy was flowing through it.

a call had come from out there, a call of love… and in the call itself, like the lights of the aurora borealis, was the healing…

in the fairy form it came… fuck everything

it was a strange process of equalization and proportion but it was cool, east met west… it was the first time it happened so fully, so pronouncedly

it was a real rainbow

they definitely had some understanding of it, it was definitely the shamanic ghost of the same ancient healing which Alexander Fleming gave in the form of penicillin, maybe it was some kind of psychedelic magic, or materia, it created a good setting, a setting of peace once more

there would no be judgement over every little thing, it was closer to mysticism, the mysticism of wanti, in a psychedelic way, with true hippies, psychedelic spirits, who formed in various ways, who we knew by presence…

it all formed a crazy mandala, though it wasn’t exactly all totally synchronized to our personal lives, some of it was just symbolic and ancient, no doubt some remnant of the ancestral somatic rituals which lived on in our uncolonialisable divine spirits, it wasn’t too far removed from it either…

there was sensitivity to the memes, to the vibrations of all of it, and what it meant, it was the practice of wantism…

it was the lifestream moving…. though it tried to get us to do a specific movement, perhaps its because the movement was so powerful, it could heal

it was like a superhero, it was definitely american, in a nontraditional sense, it was hip hop, from an angle that i didnt feel like we comprimised ourselves to approach,

it was chi gong, it was an operation to spread consciousness and raise awareness, and increase joy without needless limitation in all beings, not just based on what sector you were in, because none of that was really real,

we were united, this is what the choctaw and chickasaw had done, along with all the tribes, together it flowed between them, they admitted relations,

aho matiquye oyasin

it was a rainbow, perhaps not everyone would totally do it all upfront, but they knew, and besides, it made it less annoyingly ’family’ish that way

which is what the rainbow family had failed to do and which had become their metaphorical blockage

which made them more into a minor cult than a the true eternal rainbow

which had no bounds and no central points

an endless subtle sea of love,

thus came the wave and we recieve it from the stars, it was not the sun or the moon but the stars, it was not journeying but it was always there, near and far at the same time…

it was astronomy itself.. planetary alignment, going out between species,

going out beyond this planet

the hippie spirit, the true revolution

at street corners, between passing strangers, in small symbols of lucidity everywhere, in the empathy of feeling ourselves as the animals, of feeling the higher conscious beings, who were guiding us, but even them were not infallible, there was always someone even beyond them and it all went in a circle, a great circle, like stonehenge…

the lowest aiding the highest and the highest the lowest

and everyone able to live their spirit path, an individual path, but it being in harmony with the rest, you could devote your life to a personal spirit which manifested to you as divine, but still be aiding the whole, and when it dissolved it would be the same as if anything else

it was almost better because it allowed the great spirit to show itself in more and more ways, thus teaching more and more, not just through the same stories, which may not be moving to all beings, there were no limitations…

everything was questioned, everything was allowed to come forth, it was total openness, awakening, a great spirit, the highest vibration of the Yomo, as the raver, as the hippie, as the open minded mom, the angel, with us, all throughout, all in everything, all of it the spirits moving, nothing bad would happen, just people, feeling the infinite more and more, far outness, far outness.. all of it in peace and in love

and who knew what would happen, it wasn’t just bound to that track, this message was needed to take it out of the roles of east being one way, and west being another, because those were stereotypes of course, it didnt really come from this or that direction, thats just what they became known for, but each had parts of each in eachother, sprinkled throughout evenly, by Ekwalimy, placer of the leaves, of random things, diviner of chaos.. and of springs…

it was the spirit of a sacred text coming through, the spirit of Mira Bai in an incarnation that was not bound, no this was not like that, it was love, but it was free, it was not one form but everything, like a leaf in the wind, not holding one name above the other, but all at once, it was not really from a person but the spirit of all and it caught us and brought us out, brought out art out, put it where it should be, to inspire us, and guide us, and make our lives beautiful, and protect what really mattered, and never let us fall into self limitation

the sacredness of the sadhus, was here in america and it wasn’t binding oneself but it was seeing the truth, living in the reality, not being led away by dreams, but not seeking total control either, but a middle way floating a bit, blowing a bit, like the surf, the hawaiian healing…

taking us out of the dual competitive mindset into a deeper, one where we saw we were all together, we were all trying to grow, we were all as villages and as tribes, we understood that kind of existence again, and how even the trees were part of it and the rabbits the birds the dogs every living thing, the ecosystem was one, not the artificial system, but this was one which treated no one as a number

a chaos with a divine order, that kind of thing… and love.. LOVE!!! sulos! this is the spark of wanti the spark of ness again, to the world, wytipodating around the globe, who knows who else feels it, what is bound to occur… who knows, but it is coming, it probably was always there, but now, we feel it, in our auras, we know we are not alone, we know we are dancing with many other spirits of revolution just like us, and there is no great demonized oppressor but there are just moments where we act to bring our teachings, to let the energy flow as it should, like the buddhas offering flowers, unto the gathered and stressed, who they could see as they really were, it was not a battle, it was just a way of life, a way of surfing the psyche, when you see the shadow, we must thank it, and complete it by giving it the love we can, if we are prepared, and if not we know that there are others, and we know that, the world does understand, and we know that the movement of good is so great, and its in everything, because good benefits all, the shadow will never disappear, but its just a seed and by blessing it with our good intention and realizing it as what it is, we make it fertile and from it grow many many good things, on and on until this world surpasses perhaps even heaven, or something like that…

peace and love

peace and love

shalom ahava



bhakti and jnani

Yomo Yaveyetta

West Virginia, thus our psyche liberates itself from its assumptions

thus the awakened consciousness has no bounds

consciousness spreads like a candle from candle to candle, the flame only grows

but its not really fire, its more just magic, like the glowing lights and halos that dance around your hands and stuff

Yea! stuff has been liberated! by an old wisdom from etz chaim, Adawapayo, the tree of life

may we all eat, happy halloween, its good spirits which have come back…