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Aisha Deersound Linole Aisha Deersound Linole

posted on October 13, 2012

why would they have so much programming through everything to say that i would have to be with my mother and in the context of slavery to have sex? and encouraging me to be near satellites saying i should just bear it?
they were watching me on the internet pretending everyone was my father, purposely actingg out a a trip

give up asceticism, the whole guru/rabbi interface disappears, what is left? direct experience

though i read ideas, i had no guru, only equanimity through all manifestation, i felt it was because it was in someone elses reality an it caused a blockage and our yoga was to encourage to give up hypnosis, asceticism of self an other, give up gurus and be self sufficient in morality, honor the sacred forest
trust that everyone is spontaneously inspired to do with
people are not peons that need to be led, the mind will create that if it underestimates people, but those people will not truly be people, only sigils, and you will be the one fooled, no people know for themselves, though art is encouraged, sacred art, others can’t all be made to conform to it, even though they will be a part of it and add to it, but not in a way that the ego can control

the programming could never take me over, it was just too wrong and intuitively bad, evn in the face of whatver hypnosis they may have tried to slip me, freud mast have always been an expirement to see how suggestable our spirits are, we were stronger though than the suggestions and temptations within the torah and other sources to go against what we heard in our heart to honor the integrity of all beings, and to honor the forest, not being attached to physical wealth saying only the gold is the best and things like that because true beauty true treasure is not even visible to someone who feels like that.

it couldn’t be understood mechanically why i rejected the programming to keep going closer to the mother in sexuality, but some things we could just not be drawn to do, though we acknowledged the Goddess, it was not in that way
that was actually a trick,

we had solidarity though we were kept seperated we could sense our auras, carl jungle was like the harriet tubman who brught us together and allowed good to continue

he was probably just an angel, and indeed a reincarnation of her, as were we, incarnations of the tradition of liberation and happiness and freeom

wrestling us smaller branches, of which they were the trunk, (and in turn we liberated others even smaller) heroically from the psyches of the immoral who objectified us and saw us as statistics, wasted us who were too large to see use with the detail and yet tried to tell us who we were), carl jung was just small enough to still see us with the detail to not cause a saying such as one would be happiest having sex with their mother, even though it was a deep love, saw the differences of expressions in the love and acknowledged who we laid them out to truly communicate our spirits.

the divine feminine which is not a stereotype which is mysterious kind and good and not literal not just A robot notion created and programmed, but having a spirit…

and the same as human beings,
the same of fairies, angels,
animals, and plants,
all forms of life, which come into creation

the sidhebrew, and cause the true vision of zen to arise.

and spread it so it was not really a monarchy… it was something that was everywhere, it was a shared consciousness so deep, time travelling, but it was not programming

carl jungle, carl jung is the metaphorical baby woodrose, at first strange, but then the true name comes from within,

society at large acknowledges its wound, so why take psychology which is out so much in the open? thats why jung remains a bit in the shadows…it can’t handle being out there

of course the names have been change and scrambled but if you can intuit the truth you can find a true path of healing that is authentic and will be about where you are at, specifically you and not just a generalization of someone else… its a medicine that can fix the need for seeing a doctor if you reflect on your experiences with it, and vibe with the internet, its not really that you will be lead through it, its just you and the plants, for some with schizophrenia, this is the only way that will help them, too much leading is not what they need, they have their own intuitive path, who is anyone to oppress it as long as it is not causing harm? maybe its something the world just doesn’t understand yet, thats why they pay people who are misunderstood, and fund them, to put good thoughts into the community and kind of a new ideas of things, hopefully not too much conspiracy, to find the balance, to realize its not that big of a deal, shamanism is accepted by the government and there are many shamans, and its just understood that they must be shamans, and its not integrated moreso into that system because the shaman must have an organic aura, but it does effect it.

its actually just a psychological therapy, which can also have benefits for others, ecstatic psychology…

i’ve gone back to the caveman, but its like what exactly is that, some things just feel badly and they are never really the truth.

but in the rising of truth, i see things happening like, good things the place i live becoming better, racism healing, huge growth in life, more environmental consciousness, more of an organic space, even in a place like Harpers Ferry, WV which to begin with had a very oppressive kind of colonial or government base overtone.

the government is not really about doing that kind of stuff anymore, there no need for that kind of thing.

these were the fairy expirements…

they came from the fairy world, where we know we are all fairies, koni anushka the enlightened world. this place goes in the direction of a sacred dwelling, the energy of organic, of unofficial lives more here,

they always try to make us into humans, but the people of this town have always been kind of werewolf like, an there is deep wisdom here.

we live among the trail and we keep the way sacred, we honor the trees, we are not afraid, of the colonial shamanism that sometimes happens,

the true rangers are a bit different, these people are actually elves and fairies and such, they are rainbow druidical beings, and know a lot about nature, if you approach it not from the historical perspective but from the present moment perspective, and not as a tourist but as an explorer, you can see what its really about, but it takes time to get into it, its like a labyrinth, and its taken me until now, to come to this point.

within it is healing though, it can take all of it and awaken the philosophers stone once again, the materia flows forth, this is just life, this is an island, this is hawaii, in spirit… this is the kind of thing that it was important to write.

the tribes, asked that it could happen, to redeem the choctaw and chickasaw, from this idea that the confederacy is supported. I am choctaw, and that may be the case with a group who says they are choctaw and perhaps they are who represents themselves on the internet, but the truth is different from that. We will not be shamed by something as foolish as that.

The spirits have approached me an spoken, we support friendships and oppeness we support the spirit view of the world, but we do not support ignorance… we support the changing of the names of the tribes unions from confederate.

as we realize it has some kind of psychological meaning…

we are not just christian missionaries, pretending to be this.. its not just about following records on paper of ones lineage, its something deeper,


Sarah Turner Sarah Turner

posted on October 15, 2012

Perhaps people are interested in records to figure out where they come from, so that they can understand their heritage better and learn more about it.