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Dee Brown Dee Brown

posted on September 6, 2012

One never thinks of families as a slave but if your ancestors were FULL blood, they may very well have been slaves to escape the abuse of the inner town populations. The land owners provided room. board. food and they had very little need to go into town. They were honorable people and in todays society, what they did back then was keep their land owners from starving. So there was no dishonor in slavery. One hand fed the other. They just tacked on the name ‘slave’ . Be proud of your heritage.

Amber Riddle Smith Wooten Amber Riddle Smith Wooten

posted on November 17, 2013

Very interesting Dee…you’re right…the Choctaws were farmers and white America was very impressed with this aspect of the Choctaws which was one reason this allowed them to be considered one of the five civilized tribes…

I was just talking to a co-worker day before yesterday about a similar subject…

During WWII America had German soldiers who were prisoners right here on American soil! This part of American history is often not mentioned. The lady at work told me that her relatives lived on a farm in MD and housed, fed, and helped the German soldiers who were prisoners because they were starving and in bad condition! In the process, her grandparents learned the German language!

This type of slavery also sounded a heck of a lot better than what Aframerican (black) slaves went thru!


Brad Littlejohn Brad Littlejohn

posted on May 3, 2014

But therein lies the problem.

The problem we have here is that if we should be proud of our heritage because some of the Choctaw may have been enslaved, should they also be hypocritical for keeping slaves of their own?

This is where the Freedmen issue comes in with the Choctaw. The treaty of 1866 stated that the slaves the Choctaw had shall have all laws treated towards them fairly, and that no distinction affecting them shall at any time be made.

Instead, the Choctaw, along with the rest of the Tribes disenfranchised them a little over 30 years ago, taking their citizenship in the tribe away, by deciding, against the Treaty, that only By Blood enrollees on the Dawes role are eligible for CDIB.

So how can we claim no dishonor in slavery and play the ‘oh, woe is me’ card, while trying to keep the other issue (that the Choctaw enslaved others) under the table?

It seems that no-one in the Choctaw wants to address that issue.