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  • Jerome King Zolima Zina from Jerome King . 3 comments, most recently from Sonya Deaton - (Pistubbee) on October 23

    I am searching for my roots. My great great great grandmother…lived in Choctaw Corner Alabama. She had married and changed her name to Della King! I am looking for anyone who can help me find some sort of information regarding her. I seen on that someone put her real…

  • Sacred Seeds Never saw this before from Sacred Seeds. 4 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on October 20

    My ancestor, Jess Morgan Welch, b.1898 Alabama, lived in Atoka, OK; d.1953 Atoka Co. OK is listed on the 1930 Federal Census as Native American. A closer look at the actual census reads birthplace: Alabama, father’s birthplace: Mixed Blood Mother’s Birthplace:Cherokee Father is William Jackson Welch, b.1864 Alabama,d.1938 Oklahoma. Mother…

  • 1gmu Creason Watson (Creson Watson?), Susan Kaniatubbe from 1gmu. 3 comments, most recently from 1gmu on October 17

    am just looking for information about their parents, grandparents, etc. thank you.

  • 1gmu Creason Watson (Creson Watson?), Susan Kaniatubbe from 1gmu on October 16

    am just looking for information about their parents, grandparents, etc. thank you.

  • Angela Looking for family Wilsons, Everidges, Brashears from Angela. 3 comments, most recently from robin luper on October 14

    Hi i’ve been doing some family research to make a family tree book for my great Aunt and Uncle. I know my Great Great grandfather was Edward H. Wilson married to Emma Everidge. if anyone has more info on the Wilson, Everidge and Brashears I would love to learn more….

  • Lorenza Kibler Duckworth Missin Link to My Granny Collins from Lorenza Kibler Duckworth. 2 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on October 11

    Gerthie Collins: Looking For Info On What NAtion my grandmother belonged To This Is Info Her she Marriede my grandad Isom Duckworth in Arkansas… Thx ! U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-2014 about Gerthie Collins Name: Gerthie Collins SSN: 444-20-8397 Last Residence: 74354 Miami, Ottawa, Oklahoma, USA BORN: 18 Feb…

  • Terri Lynn Looking for Arthur "Hank" Henry from Terri Lynn. 11 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on October 11

    He is originally from McAlester, Oklahoma. Born in the 1940’s. I understand that he was full-blooded Choctaw. He is my birth father.

  • Helene L Ramos Mississippi Choctaw Rejected from Helene L Ramos. 17 comments, most recently from Shelby Summers on October 8

    My husband is from both Cherokee and Choctaw decent. Apparently his ancestor Sylvester P Sims and his wife Louisa A Sims applied for enrollment and were given MCR1350 which i understand means they were rejected. Both of their parents died before the rolls were done. Is there anywhere else I…

  • Brenda G Martin Thompson Family from Brenda G Martin. 16 comments, most recently from Jeffery Duvall on October 6

    I have been tracing my family heritage for a few months now on my mothers side. I have come to find that I am related to Archibald H Thompson, my 4x great grandfather, 1791-1857 married to Elizabeth Jackson 1801-1826. His son, my 3x gr grandfather, Absolem A Thompson 1825-1864 married…

  • dodgerdog1 An Urgent Matter: How to Receive CDIB Card? from dodgerdog1. 8 comments, most recently from Choctaw Nation Genealogy on October 1

    Hello! I’m 1/64th Choctaw by blood (I understand it’s not much), and have proof that my great-great-grandfather, who was 1/4th, was a Dawes Roll enrollee as a young boy. Though I have ample proof of this and can order even more such evidence from other entities, my dilemma is that…

  • Ty Gower Mitchell-Folsom Connection from Ty Gower. 7 comments, most recently from Shelby Summers on September 29

    As I’m looking at my quantum of blood, I am still not certain that it is accurate. (I’m sure plenty of people have this problem.) As I am looking, Nathaniel Folsom (white) married a full blood choctaw woman (Aiichhona or I-AH-NE-CHA)…who had 24 kids…We think) They had a daughter, Molly…

  • Rosemarie Hudson Great Great grand duaghter of Jack Williams and Mary Jane Triplett-Williams, is looking for family relatives from Rosemarie Hudson on September 24

    hi my name is rosemarie hudson , my great grandad is clarence Williams son of Jack and Mary Jane Triplett-Williams members of the Choctaw Tribe , if anyone has any information please post on my page or reply with a message thank you

  • Theresa McFadden Glazebrook decendants from Theresa McFadden. 2 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on September 13

    Hi, I am looking for any info on the Glazebrook name.My great-grandmother was a full blood Choctaw her name was Peachie Glazebrook, and married a Clem Smith also Choctaw.I believe they migrated from Mississippi, but have also heard mention of Oklahoma somewhere. I know they were married in Lawrenceburg Kentucky…

  • Martha Moore William Roark from Martha Moore. 2 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on September 11

    Looking for the spouse of William Roark. Final Choctaw Roll Citizen by marriage. Census # 4323 Question: Who was his spouse?

  • David E. Hazlewood Choctaw Lineage from David E. Hazlewood. 2 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on September 9

    After further tracing my Choctaw ancestry, I have found that woman named Hoka Wenaka married a man from the Louisiana Territories last name DeShea in Catahoula Parish, La. I do not know if she was full blood Choctaw as there is a mention of another Choctaw woman named Oonta Chea…

  • Cham00 Isabelle Russell from Cham00. 2 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on September 9

    I can’t find her. She was last in Coal county 1900. She was born about 1880’s. She lived with her brother John Russell and his wife Sudie in Coal county about 1910 and was widowed, She had children 2 girls born around 1905-1907 Geneva and Gail. During the time Isabelle…

  • Brenda Taft Edwards Clora Smith b. 1903/04 - POSSIBLE ERROR from Brenda Taft Edwards. 9 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on September 4

    I need some assistance as locating my grandmother’s family has become extremely difficult. I obtained documents from the Choctaw Nation that show her parents as Rice Smith/Sarah Matthews. I found other documents that show Rice’s name as Reece. However, Reece Smith was married to Clara Smith and they had a…

  • Shelley Green Born on Indian Territory from Shelley Green. 2 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on August 25

    My great great grandmother was born on Choctaw Indian Territory. Is that fact alone enough that my grandmother could register for a roll number? What is the process?

  • Linda Gaile Any Knowledge of people with the last name Gaile from Linda Gaile. 3 comments, most recently from rayson allen on August 24

    trying to find out if I am part Choctaw. My grandfather was Uel Marvin Gaile, born in Garvin, Ok. in 1900. My father never talked about his father, except to say he was Indian. Any information would be helpful. I am the oldest living member of my family.

  • Leo Pergson MISSISSIPPI CHOCTAW REJECTED- from Leo Pergson on August 22

    HAKLO ANUMPA Remember- Choctaw Nation(Oklahoma) under Dawes Tribal Membership and 14th Article Membership are compliant on separate Enrollment criteria- Don’t put 14th Article Enrollment criteria under Dawes Final Rolls- The 14th Article Claimant enrollment criteria is under the Mar 10, 1899 McKennon rolls- “IDENTIFIED” Rolls- that was Disposed of by…