Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

The Great Seal of the Choctaw Nation

Back Left; Alto Battist, Sampson Moore, James Owens, Bill Blankenship, George Robinson, Dennis Baptiste, Audie Gibson, Melvin Tom, Terry Cole

Front Left; Herbert Jessie, Terry Loman, Eugene Bohanon, Nellie Hunter, Shirley Mantreno, Ron Scott, John Townson, David Jones, John Burleson

The Color Guard was formed for the purpose of honoring Choctaw veterans who had given their time in service to protect our country. Historians have documented well the contributions made by the Choctaw people, from the Choctaw Code Talkers to the present.

Chief Gregory E. Pyle was very aware of these contributions and through his visions and leadership the Choctaw Nation Color Guard was formed to recognize the accomplishments of the Choctaw veterans. The first performance for the Color Guard was May 2, 1998 at the Skullyville Cemetery. The next 12 months were very busy for the Color Guard; there were 49 different events conducted, 16 were funerals for Choctaw veterans. Also, one event was conducted in Washington D.C. and one in Bakersfield, California.

The Choctaw Nation Color Guard is honored to represent the Choctaw veterans and the great Choctaw Nation.

They sought no glories but for the good of the country. Let none of us forget that they did not falter to answer when came the call to serve for their country.