Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

The Great Seal of the Choctaw Nation
  • John Johnson (Wood Carvings, Beadwork)

    Wood Carvings, Beadwork


    3 Feathers Trading Post
    1320 Hwy. 2 S.
    Wilburton, OK, 74578, USA

  • Tim Young (Wood Carving)

    Wood Carving

    Rt. 2 Box 3385
    Talihina, OK, 74571, USA

  • Roger Christie


    Wood shingle wall artwork with a Native American touch.

    Cedar Hill, Texas
    Phone: (972) 533-1343

  • Kelly Dean West

    Rt. 1 Box 160
    Hugo, OK, 74743, USA
    (580) 743-7355

  • Lyman Choate


    Wood Carvings,Scultpures
    294 Choate Rd
    Broken Bow, OK, 74728, USA

  • Tim Conner

    Wooden Medicine Sticks
    541-459-2226 or 541-315-6217
    1265 Winding Ln.
    Oakland, OR, 97462

  • Dan Bernier (Ositohbi)

    PO Box 1354
    Denison, TX, 75021, USA

  • Jack Haynes


    I am Jack N Haynes. I am a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. I live in the Choctaw tribal area, which consists of 10.5 counties in the southeast corners of Oklahoma. This is where I have lived most of my life. I have done many things in my life. I was in the Navy as well as being a carpenter, machinist, draftsman, firefighter EMT, forklift operator, and explosives operator. I retired as a firefighter after a five-story building collapsed on me and I lost my left leg. After I recovered I went to work at the McAlester Army Ammunition Plant and retired as an explosives operator after 21 years of government service. Now that I am retired, I can devote more time to my woodcarvings. I have carved wood for most of my life. I don’t remember a time when I didn’t have a pocketknife in my pocket, even before I started school. Woodcarving has always been my passion.

    306 Rock Road
    McAlester, OK 94501
    Phone: (918) 423-9349

  • Lincie Battiest

    Specializing in beadwork, silver jewelry, wood crafts, ect.

    3132 Old Golden Hwy
    Broken Bow, OK 74728
    Phone: (580) 236-0656

  • Brandon Bohannon

    Specializing wood crafts.

    PO Box 112
    Battiest, OK 74722
    Phone: (580) 306-2698

  • Leslie Gregersen

    302 W Elm
    Durant, OK, 74701, USA
    Leslie’s Website

  • Jennifer Ashley


    Handmade woodwork, mosaics, home decoration, painting, jewelry, stained glass and misc. one of a kind pieces.

    8607 Dulcet Dr.
    Austin, TX 78745
    Phone: (512) 815-7202

  • Lucky Wiggins (original art and interior design)


    P.O. Box 403
    Durant, OK 74702

  • Henry L. Battiest Jr.

    Specializing in Native American crafted woodwork and jewelry.

    3132 Old Golden Highway
    Broken Bow, OK 74728
    Phone: (405) 875-4733

  • Presley Byington

    Specializing in flutes made of cane and bamboo.

    2301 S.E. Adams
    Idabel, OK 74745
    Phone: (580) 286-6364 OR (580) 212-7944

  • Creston Simpson


    Specializing in flutes made from River Cane, all forms of beadwork, moccasins, peace pipes, and dream catchers.
    505 E. Court
    Atoka, OK 74525,USA

  • Les Williston

    Traditional craftsman (Bows, Arrows, Tomahawks, Spears and Flint Knapping using different types of wood and stone)


    (509) 982-6564

    P.O. Box 124
    Tuskahoma, OK 74564

  • Josh Goodrich

    Specializing in furniture and woodworking.

    4595 Pollard Rd
    Haworth, OK 74740
    Phone: (580) 212-9109

  • Ronald Nichols

    Beaded belts, lanyard and hatbands; Loom work; Handmade wooden looms

    Name: Ronald Nichols
    Phone: 580-775-8155