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Fine Art Oil Paintings Member of Western Artists of America (WAA)

“Painting can be taught, however, the gift of inspiration, dedication and passion is within.” -Judith Durr Native American – Choctaw

Arizona artist, Judith Durr’s exquisite oil paintings have taken Native American art to new levels of integrity and innovation. Her spectacular style and dedication to realism make her one of the foremost Native American artists in the United States.

 Documenting the artifacts, the cultures and native styles in her oil paintings, Judith Durr integrates and preserves the enduring legacies of her Native American heritage. Her work honors all facets of Native American life, showcasing their history through her colorful and dynamic still life oil paintings. 

 Capturing the emotions of the viewer with her illusion of realism and texture, Judith wants you reach out to feel the fabric of the rugs, the beadwork on the moccasins, and the smoothness of the pottery or pick the kernels from the corn. Her distinctive style is unique with the use of a rug as consistent background element in almost every painting. Painting from her extensive collection, and from life, Judith enjoys the history and stories about each artifact.  Each painting is skillfully layered with colors and glazes using the technique of the old masters. Her goal is too continually to push the boundaries of excellence of superior oil paintings.”   
Chosen for her innovative style, Judith Durr was the only woman chosen to participate in the prestigious Sharlot Hall Museum exhibition, “Paint” Breaking the Buckskin Ceiling. Judith’s four month retrospective included twenty five of her oil paintings, pottery and moccasins.

Judith’s work is represented in several museum permanent collections including the Museum of History and Anthropology, Mexico City, Mexico, Sharlot Hall Museum, Prescott, Arizona, and Pueblo Grande Museum, Phoenix, Arizona. Her genre includes western life, landscapes and historical research.

A member of Western Artists of America, Western Premier Artists, Southwestern Premier Artists, Oil Painters of America, and American Society of Portrait Artists. Judith has been featured in Western Art Collector, Southwest Art and Art of the West. Her work is represented in galleries throughout the United States and represented by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for their in house programs during Native American Heritage Month. Judith lectures for museums, universities elder hostels and foreign exchange students programs, fine art councils, Native American events and private organizations and has been the featured artist for many fine art shows.
A native of Arizona and raised in the Southwest, Judith Durr resides in Cave Creek, Arizona with her artist husband, Roger Kull.